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Choo in the Times

The New York Times has a profile of Shin-Soo Choo, a Rattler from 2002.

Indians’ Choo Is Thriving, but Duty Calls in South Korea

You know that one Steely Dan song that goes: And I'm never going back to my old school. Let's look inside the South Korean baseball high school that Choo attended.
As Choo described it at Progressive Field this week, he started a five-hour practice every morning at 7. More practice followed after an hour break. At 5 o’clock, the player-students broke for showers and dinner, then lifted weights from 9 to 10 p.m. They slept on campus and visited their families on Sundays.
Everything is going well for Choo right now. But, there is something else...
Choo, who came to Cleveland in a 2006 trade, has not resolved his immediate future. South Korean men must begin serving two years in the military between ages 18 and 30.

Choo, who turns 28 in July, could apply to become a United States citizen to avoid the military service, although he would almost certainly face a backlash from South Koreans.

The best path for Choo would be to earn an exemption by helping South Korea win the gold medal at the Asian Games this off-season. The South Koreans would be heavy favorites, because Japan does not use professionals in that tournament.
So, no pressure.


Rattlers Alumni Report: MLB games of April 15, 2010

@Indians 3, Rangers 2

Asdrubal Cabrera ('05): 1-for-4, RUN
Shin-soo Choo ('02): 2-for-4, RUN, 3RBI, HR #3
"I hit it pretty good, but it was too high," Choo said. "When I got to first base I was saying, 'I hope, I hope, I hope.' The first time I saw it, I thought [right fielder Nelson Cruz] caught it. Then I saw it hit top of the wall."

Huff, sitting in the dugout, watched the flight of Choo's homer. When it bounced off the top of top of the wall, Huff said: "I fist-pumped so hard, I almost fell down. It was awesome. I was more pumped up about that happening than finishing the game. I was so happy for him."
@Yankees 6, Angels 2

Alex Rodriguez (Foxes, '94): 1-for-3, RUN
Damaso Marte ('96): .2IP, 2H, 0R, K

@Blue Jays 7, White Sox 3

JJ Putz ('00): IP, H, 0R, 3K

@Athletics 6, Orioles 2

Adam Jones ('04): 3-for-5, RBI

Nationals 7 @Phillies 5

Greg Dobbs ('02): 0-for-0, pinch hit, BB, RBI
Raul Ibanezx (Foxes, '94): 0-for-3, RUN

Braves 6 @Padres 2

Eric O'Flaherty ('05): .1IP, 0H, 0R


Alumni Notes

From 1996:

If the Red Sox were certain about designated hitter David Ortiz, they would not be uncertain about his position in their lineup.

They would not be considering free agents such as Russell Branyan.

They would not be linked every three seconds to Padres first baseman
Adrian Gonzalez.

Well, the Red Sox are not certain about Ortiz, cannot be certain, even though last season he rallied to hit 26 of his 27 home runs after June 1.

The Sox's interest in Branyan, a left-handed slugger who reached agreement Friday with the Indians, was the latest indication that they might act quickly to replace Ortiz if he again gets off to a poor start.

From the 2000 team:
Former Mariner Cha Seung Baek, the Korean right-hander who last pitched in the big leagues two years ago, is in camp today for a minor league tryout [with the Mariners].
From the 2002 team:

Nothing comes easy for the Indians, but who among the Tribe faithful doesn't already know that?

Having virtually stolen one of their consistent run producers from the Seattle Mariners for Ben Broussard midway through the 2006 season, the Indians could face an unusual dilemma: losing that player to the army.

South Korean males are obligated to serve their country in the military for two years. Shin-Soo Choo, second to Grady Sizemore as an all-around player for the Tribe, is a native of South Korea. Choo has not yet put in his time with the armed forces. He is required to do so after the 2010 season.

But if he leaves baseball behind for two years, there is no guarantee he will return — at age 29 — with his skills intact. Moreover, he would lose two of his prime income-producing seasons (he will be arbitration eligible in October).

So what can he do?

From 2008:

Phillippe Aumont, the hard-throwing 21-year-old righthander acquired in the trade that sent Cliff Lee to Seattle, said the Phillies haven't officially told him whether he will enter the season as a starter or reliever.

But while the decision may not be set in stone, the near-unanimous opinion among team personnel is that he will begin the year as a starter at Double A Reading.

And if you listened to Aumont talk yesterday, it was easy to understand why.


Interesting from Baseball Digest Daily

Thanks to Brew Crew Ball for finding this one.

Michael Street of Baseball Digest Daily has this:

Pacific Perspectives: 2009 Asian MLB Awards

Down at the end he unveils his MVP of Asian ballplayers. No surprise that it is Ichiro. Getting consideration is former Timber Rattler, Shin-soo Choo ('02). The part on Choo:
Shin-Soo Choo showed that 2008 wasn’t a fluke, as he hit .300/.394/.489 for the Indians in his first full season. He’s emerged as an offensive force in the middle of their lineup with 87 RBI and 86 R (and the Asian Three True Outcomes champ, with 43% of his ABs resulting in a BB, K or HR).
There are stats and everything, too.

How did he wind up with Cleveland again?
July 26, 2006: Traded by the Seattle Mariners with a player to be named later to the Cleveland Indians for a player to be named later, Ben Broussard and cash.
Oh, right. I always get that one mixed up with this one...
June 30, 2006: [Asrubal Cabrera] Traded by the Seattle Mariners to the Cleveland Indians for Eduardo Perez.
Common mistake.


A Curtain Call for Choo

Photo Credit: Chuck Crow/Cleveland Plain Dealer
Shin-Soo Choo, one of the few not to blame for the mess in which the Indians find themselves, brought a little something extra to the batter's box Friday night.

Choo went 4-for-5 with two homers and a career-high seven RBI as the Tribe overwhelmed the Athletics, 15-3, in a clash of the non-titans at Progressive Field.


Choo's night began with a harmless grounder to second leading off the second inning. He had an RBI single in the third, a two-run double in the fourth and three-run homer in the fifth.

Choo ruined his chance at the cycle by sending reliever Michael Wuertz's pitch over the wall in right leading off the seventh. It accounted for the final margin.

As the crowd let loose with "Chooooooooooooooo!" the right fielder popped out of the dugout and waved his helmet.

Video of Choo's night is here at the site.

From the AP report over at

Shin-Soo Choo gave his high school baseball coach a fitting tribute.

Choo learned before batting practice that his coach had died of cancer. Then he homered twice and drove in a career-high seven runs in a 15-3 victory over the Oakland Athletics on Friday night that snapped Cleveland's five-game losing streak.
And here is something that I have always liked about Choo:
Choo arrived early at Progressive Field to work with hitting coach Derek Shelton. He had watched three hours of video on the off-day Thursday and wanted to make some adjustments at the plate -- even though he had raised his average to .292 by hitting .309 over his previous 48 games.

"Why change?" Choo responded to a question. "Because I want to get better."


How about Choo?

Photo credit to Chuck Crow/Cleveland Plain Dealer

I would celebrate after a hit like this, too.
Choo's single off Kyle Farnsworth scored Mark DeRosa from second base with the winning run as the Indians beat Kansas City, 4-3, in 10 innings at Progressive Field. DeRosa started the rally with a leadoff single and went to second on Victor Martinez's walk. DeRosa reached base five straight times on three singles and two walks.

Choo's single skipped off the center field turf and hit one of the dozens of gulls standing in front of center fielder Coco Crisp. Crisp was hopping mad, but he probably didn't have a chance to throw DeRosa out.

The gull, meanwhile, was stunned. While the rest of the flock hit the airwaves, it was grounded.

Finally, it shakily flew away into the night.
I wish that allowed embedding of their video, so you have to go here to see it.
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