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A bit of randomness

The latest Mehring Monday is up at the main site.

Yes...Mehring Monday on a Tuesday? This should explain it:
I know that it's Tuesday, but it's the first day of the work week after a holiday weekend. So in my mind, it's a Mehring Monday. Of course, in my mind it's always a Mehring Monday.
Pursue the Pennant is the topic. Sorry. No photoshops of me this time.

Also, my food is talking to me again. From my fortune cookie at the buffet today: Even if you are on the right track, you can still get run over if you stand still.

The only lucky number that matched up with a Rattler player to day was #7 for Michael Vass.


Today's Fortune

Had lunch at The Great Wall in Burlington today. This Chinese Buffet is good with a decent variety and an odd fortune. Odd because there appear to be a pair of sayings:

It is quality rather than quantity that matters.

So far so good.

Do a good job tomorrow.

But, what about today? This is a procrastinator's dream of a fortune.

Luck Numbers today:

15-Juan Diaz
22-Justin Souza
26-Edward Paredes
40-Walter Suriel

Check the box score on those tonight.


No Journey today

A more traditional Chinese restaurant today. Well, it Charlie Kang's II bills itself as traditional Korean-Mongolian Restaurant. But at least there was threat of hearing Faithfully. Also a very zen* Koi Pond without Koi included.

Consolidate rather than expand business projects in the near future.

Lucky #s:

11: Bryan Harris
24: Gavin Dickey
25: Ryan Moorer
30: Keith Meyer

*Is using the Japanese word for a Chinese concept Zen?
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