Hoffman? Did he say Hoffman?

Thanks to Rattler Radio reader srberndt for the link to this blog post by Adam McCalvy, the Brewer Beat Writer at MLB.com. Click the link for the full post, but here is the main part for Rattler fans and Brewer fans:
Hoffman is likely to remain with the team for treatment when the Brewers break camp Thursday night and travel to California for two exhibitions against the Dodgers and then the season-opening series against the Giants. At some point he could be sent out -- either to Triple-A Nashville or Class A Wisconsin -- for a rehabilitation outing or two.
The latest post has Hoffman being placed on the DL....Hmmmm.

10 dies insquequo Oris Dies!

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THE KID said...

That's just what i needed to see (read: sarcasm) when i'm still half asleep at the gym this morning, Mr. Hahn's face on Fox 11...

Just kidding buddy, congrats on the face time. I'm sure your Facebook is lighting up this morning!!!

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