Win some tickets...Again

Good afternoon, everyone!

I have a treat for you, the readers of Rattler Radio.

As you may be aware, the team has been away from home for awhile. But, when we return to Time Warner Cable Field, we will be home for 12 games.

I would like to see people in the Famous Dave's Best Seats in the House and the Kolosso Toyota-Scion View From the Tundra Seats.

Now, the Tundra seats are for two people and the Best Seats in the House are for Four people.

I will be giving away tickets to both locations on the blog this weekend. First-come, first-serve. You may only pick one of the locations, so please indicate your choice.

This will be for the first 24 people who e-mail me at rattlerradio@aol.com.

Please indicate which location you would like, and pick the three games you would like to attend in descending order of preference. If your first choice is already taken, I will give you your second choice...If all three of your games have already been selected, I will contact you about alternate dates.

Also, make sure to include your address and real name. I will let you know in an e-mail how you will get your tickets.

There is a lot of great stuff going on from June 12 through June 13. Consider this a reward for slogging through some of the stuff that I put up here every day.

Good luck and we'll see you at the ballpark.

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