Construction Pictures

Just took some construction photos. Here is the progress so far. Captions below the pictures.

This is the view from the Home Run Porch. The new Beach Seats will go here.

These are footings for the new boardwalk behind the Home Run Porch.

The bullpens will go here.

This is a view from what will be the home bullpen.

Now what they are doing here is getting the forms in place to pour more footings for the beach seats. How do I know? Two summers on a construction crew.


THE KID said...

Well what do you know. We're not that very different (well, we are, but that's what people say when they have something in common).

I know the whole Mr. Mister vs. B-52 thing looms over us...

But this guy during college was three years curb & gutter for the Manitowoc DPW and then one summer for the County working patches on I-43.

Working for the County. Those were the days, 4/10's. Hung over from softball but that ride into the shops each morning at 4:30 was a little easier with my breakfast of choice back then...bottle of Mountain Dew & a Snickers.

Nothing like the smell of fresh concrete in the morning.

Joshua said...

I for one am greatly excited about these renovations. Can't wait to see what the place looks like next season.

Dave said...

Seems pretty interesting and I think that the looking at the picture the construction work is going at a good pace.

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