Signs of Progress

Actually, it should be Pictures of Progress. Here is the latest on the project from the Wisconsin Groundscrew Two!* Click to embiggen!

In answer to One More Dying Quail's comment on the last post on this topic, South Bend and Cedar Rapids both have the cutout between the mound and the plate. I brought the possibility up to the "powers that be" and they did not like the look. So, the walk-ups are the only areas getting this treatment.

Also, I delayed posting these, because there could have been an awesome shot of the moon over the stadium around 4:55 or so. But, there was some cloud cover and no good shot. I KNEW that I should have taken that shot when I had the chance.

*-This is not a grammatical error. This is now my unofficial title for the groundscrew. Just to clear that up for anyone out there....Mom.


THE KID said...

How will this change in the playing surface effect 65 year old visiting equipment managers?

Chris said...

I am guessing...none.

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