Life of Ryan

Bob Brainerd put together this story on Ryan "Scooter" Gennett for the Fox Sports Wisconsin website.
"You definitely have to have fun," said Gennett with an infectious smile. "You can work as hard as you want, but if you're not having fun, I don't believe you're going to get any better or get anything positive out of it. You can work as hard as you want, take as many ground balls, but it's really the quality that you have in that energy and spark in your step."

Energy was never an issue with Scooter, in fact, there was too much of it at times. So much so that Gennett was diagnosed with AD/HD, or Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

"I was constantly moving," explains Gennett. "I was the kid that if you said not to press the button, then I would. As I got older, I kind of matured. I'm not as defiant…just a little bit here and there."

Enough to keep Gennett grounded, understanding, and willing to work with children who face the same hurdles of AD/HD.

"It's important to accept that you have it and to know what triggers that," said Gennett. "I wasn't medicated when I was young, I actually got medicated after my first year of high school. When I was on my medication, I was just focused in class. But I was always good on the baseball field because that's what I enjoy doing."
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