September 1, 2010: Midwest League Playoff Pitcure

Let's just put it this way: The Rattlers elimination number is 2.  Any combination of 2 Kane County wins or 2 Wisconsin losses means that the Rattlers are out of the postseason.

So, to still be alive heading into the weekend, the Rattlers will need to sweep the River Bandits and the Chiefs will need to take at least two of the three games in the series at Kane County.  Go Rattlers!  Go Chiefs!

Here are the updated playoff standings heading into action on Tuesday with the schedule of remaining games for the respective teams that are still alive in the second half Western Division Playoff Race.

CLUB.........W-L..DIV GB WC GB
Clinton.....36-28... - ....-
Kane County 34-29...1.5 ...-

Wisconsin (6): 3 v. QC; 3 @KC
Kane County (6): 3 v. PEO; 3 v. WI
Clinton (6): 3 v. BEL; 3 @BUR
Beloit (6): 3 @CLN; 3 v. CR
Peoria (6): 3 @KC; 3 @QC


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, not to nitpick as I know the playoff chances are slim, but wouldn't the elimination number for a playoff spot be 3 games?

2 would be the elimination number for the division, but for the Wild Card, if the T-Rats win out going 6-0 and Kane County goes 2-4, we would be a half game up on them (assuming we hop over Beloit and Peoria too by winning out).

Still I agree with the post, Go Peoria (for the next 3 games only, I hate cheering for a Cubs affiliate) and Go Rattlers!

Chris said...

But, Peoria would be 3-0 and if the Rattlers go 3-0 they would be one game up on the Rattlers with three games to play.

Peoria would only need two wins or two Rattlers losses to eliminate Wisconsin in that scenario because they went 10-3 against the Rattlers this year.

Beloit and the Rattlers cannot tie for the wild card spot.

I stand by my assessment of two...for now.

But, keep in mind, math is not my strong subject.

Anonymous said...

Ah good point! Your math skills are obviously better than mine. I failed to consider the tiebreaker with Peoria. You are right (as usual). Just grasping at straws, hoping for some playoff baseball.

dabbler said...

Chris: "Pitcure?" On three entries....

Chris said...

What are you talking....oh, for crying out loud....I really need to get some sleep.

Thank you, Joel.

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