See a game, Win $10,000

It was just that simple in Cedar Rapids last night.
There are grand slams, then there’s what Terrell Alliman hit Wednesday night at Veterans Memorial Stadium.

Call it a 10-grand slam.

The Cedar Rapids Kernels outfielder capped off an 11-run fifth inning with a granny that helped his team to a 15-3 win over the Burlington Bees. This just happened to be the final Winning Wednesday of the season, and, yes, it was a winner.

The two-year-old promotion pays off $10,000 to a lucky fan if the Kernels achieve a particular feat in an inning. Last night’s fifth-inning feat was a grand slam.

That’s where Alliman comes in. Mike Schweitzer of Cedar Rapids was watching the game with a bunch of buddies and had his name randomly drawn by Kernels General Manager Jack Roeder as the grand winner of this 10-grand slam.

“Holy (cow!),” Schweitzer said, moments after learning of his payday. “Did I know I could (win)? Yeah. But you never think you will. What are the odds of this? Pretty cool.”
Nice editing with the Holy (cow)!, Jeff Johnson.  I can't guess what that word (cow) replaced would be.  And...Pretty cool? That's all you can come up with, really? Dude.
“Heck, I don’t care,” Schweitzer said, when asked if he was going to buy a celebratory round for the house of 1,713. “Set ‘em up.”
Now THAT'S more like it!

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