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Huntsville Stars GM Buck Rogers sat down for a Q&A with Huntsville Times columnist Mark McCarter, these aren't softballs either. Click the link and get the whole thing, but here are some of the questions.

Q: The Stars contract with the Brewers comes up for renewal next year. Will that be part of this weekend's agenda and what does the future hold?

Q: The Brewers' assistant general manager Gord Ash called Huntsville "an apathetic baseball town" during a visit this season. Your reaction?

Q: This franchise has drawn a lot of criticism lately, and you know I'm one of the louder critics. So how do you respond whey people say some promotions are more appropriate to Single-A ball and not a conservative fan base like Huntsville?

Q: Another criticism is the staff, which is one of the smallest in Double-A and half the size of Midland (Texas), which is also owned by Miles Prentice.

Q: You have defended having an absentee owner, but doesn't that impact the team?

Q: What is the future of this franchise? Are we in danger of losing baseball in Huntsville?


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THE KID said...

We all know Melvin and I are not on good terms, but if Ash would start throwing that stuff around up here I might........have to have stern words for him on a blog.

However I had Tweeted Ash severals times (Melvin doesn't have a Twitter account) in August and for some reason he never responded...???...

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