Khris Davis: Home Run Champ

The above photo has been shamelessly swiped from Dan Watson of the Fort Wayne TinCaps.

Check out MiLB.com's slideshow of the night. Make sure to get to the last photo and try to find Nick Bucci as Davis is being congratulated.

Here is the News-Sentinel's story on last night.
I erroneously thought I had all the bases covered in preparing for the Midwest League All-Star Game and Skills Competition at Parkview Field

No one told me there would be a salute to Ken Griffey Jr.

Yet there was Wisconsin’s Khris Davis, evoking Junior. Hat turned backward, same upright stance. Same positive outlook, same flawless swing, same crushing connection.

On a night when most of the 4,000 fans in attendance Monday wanted to see the TinCaps’ strapping first-baseman Nate Freiman collect the Home Run Derby hardware, Davis stole the show with his dead-on Griffey impersonation.

“My hitting coach told me to stand upright and think about pulling the ball,” Davis said. “I copied Griffey, basically.

“My dad told me to do that. I tape my bat like him. I have Nike everything. My hat backward. I copied his stance. I did what he did.”
Go and read it all.


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Chris said...

Just you, dude. Everything is still there on my computer.

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