In the Timber Rattlers Garden

If you have been down on the left field berm seating area over the last few weeks, you may have noticed a piece of land that is different from the rest of the area back there.

That would be the garden.

Instead of me trying to explain it, I will let Angie Ceranski explain what the deal is from this post on the Timber Rattlers Garden Blog.
The idea jumped into my head after chatting with a business owner that I ran into this past winter. We chatted for a while about how a growing number of companies are planting gardens on site for all sorts of reasons. What about a garden at the ballpark? Would it be too much work? Would our staff be on board? What would we do with the produce?

The decision was basically made on two facts:
1. I really enjoy gardening.
2. This would be a great community-based project for the Timber Rattlers.

So, we moved forward and the project was made possible with the help of a few staff members and a couple generous contributors. A special thank you goes out Ron & Karri of Lakeshore Cleaners (N. Richmond Street, Appleton) for preparing the garden plot and for providing us with their special mix of compost, which I'm told grows some of the best tomatoes around! Shroeder's Fox Valley Greenhouse, De Pere...Thanks Kevin!... provided us with all the starter plants to get the garden rolling. And Home Depot (Westhill Blvd.) chipped in by donating the garden fence.

And the effort is already bearing fruit....
Fruit? Right? Tomatoes are fruit, right, Angie?

By the way, the food grown in the garden will be donated to St. Joseph’s Food Program (‘Grow a Row’ program) and the Salvation Army, Appleton.

Check out the progress (and check out the pictures) on the garden over at the garden blog.

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