Vote for Maverick!

Maverick Lasker is in the running! He needs your vote!

MiLB.com is running Minors Moniker Madness again this season.

What is that?

It's easy to explain. MiLB picks out 64 names that they consider funny or unusual from across minor league baseball. They seed and bracket the selections and let fans vote...Or in some cases let teams stuff the electronic ballot box...

Let's just say that if your name is John Smith, you are not in this contest. But, If your name is Raymond Luxury Yacht and it's pronounced Throat Wobbler Mangrove, let's just say that you would have retired the trophy for this contest.

Maverick is in the Razor Shines bracket as the #7 seed against #10 seed Zechry Zincola.

Go here and vote. Because after that...It's Shooter's Turn!

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