Why its almost as if wins and losses don't matter

I am forever entertained by stories like this one.

The headline: Whitecaps' lackluster season isn't keeping fans from Fifth Third Ballpark
The West Michigan Whitecaps, who endured the worst first half in the franchise's 17-year history, are in jeopardy of missing the Midwest League postseason playoffs for the first time in seven years.

The team's struggles on the field, however, haven't stopped fans from flocking to Fifth Third Ballpark to watch the Class A minor-league affiliate of the Detroit Tigers.

Through 43 home games this season, West Michigan has attracted 202,077 fans -- an average of 4,699 per game.
Goodness! It's almost as if people attending minor league games are coming out to enjoy the affordable, family friendly entertainment and not letting wins and losses keep them away.
The Whitecaps rank second among current Midwest League teams in all-time championships. Wisconsin has won eight titles, but all were before 1985 when the franchise was known as Fox Cities and then Appleton.

"We have five championships on the board and many playoff runs, but you're going to have years like this," Whitecaps vice president Jim Jarecki said. "But I know the players definitely appreciate the turnouts. We had 8,000 here on June 17 and another 8,000 on July 4.

"You always want to win and be competitive, and in this market, more than anything, fans pay attention. The hardcore fans talk to me (about the losing), but overall, I don't see it as a big deterrent. The guys on the field are still working hard and giving their best effort."

The current attendance numbers aren't far off from the past two seasons. Last year, a total of 211,705 turned out at the same point in the season. In 2008, 204,085 fans passed through the turnstiles at the same point.

Jarecki said the steady patronage can be attributed to a top-notch facility and the "overall experience" of minor-league baseball.

"I think it's the overall atmosphere and the entertainment that we provide," he said. "The facility, the promotions, the food. The West Michigan community has responded for 17 years, and it is great to see that.

"It's all about coming out and spending time with your friends, family and co-workers. In the summer time, what better place is there than the ballpark?"
Go figure.

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