Welcome back to the booth, Mr. Baseball!

When Bob Uecker was on the mend, I came up with an idea to invite him to Time Warner Cable Field for a rehab stint in our radio booth before he got back to Miller Park. He didn't need it.

Mr. Baseball is back in the booth tonight for the Brewers game against the Nationals.

SportsCenter took a break from their Yankees/Red Sox/LeBron coverage to put together a nice video of some top Uecker moments in Milwaukee (Final out of the '82 ALCS, Sveum's homer to beat the Rangers on Easter Sunday in '87, Robin Yount's 3,000th hit, Braun's homer in '08). Unfortunately, I cannot find that video anywhere.

So, here is a video that I stumbled on last night for Rain Delay Theater. Bob Uecker with Howard Cosell in Casey at the Bat.

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