Thank you

Computer issues have prevented me from fully developing this post today.

But, I think that a few simple thank yous will work for now.

Thank you for reading the blog.

Thank you for your e-mails.

Thank you for listening to the games.

Thank you for coming out to the games.

Thank you for supporting Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Baseball.

Thank you.


KL Snow said...

No Chris, thank YOU.

As someone who follows the Brewer minor leaguers on a daily basis, I can say that you and the Timber Rattlers are the most thorough and easy to work with of the affiliates.

I know I'm one of many thrilled to have you guys as part of the Brewer org. So thank you for that.

THE KID said...

Thank you Chris!

Despite another tough season it was fun coming out to the park and catching you on the radio.

Not how I envisioned it, but I loved being able to see Cutter & Kentrail play this year.

Like a bad round of golf to which I can't wait to get back out there and try again...cannot wait until next season for the Rattlers.

Hopefully next year is the year you'll be able to end more of your broadcasts with everybody enjoying the result as well.

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