Choose your Bobblehead

Here is a little promotion cooked up by the Timber Rattlers.
Help the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers pick which former or current player should be immortalized as a bobblehead. The winning selection will be given away on Thursday, September 3, at Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium. Voting will run through the end of the Midwest League All Star Break on June 24.
Vote at the link. Here are the players for whom you may vote.

Felix Hernandez - P - 2003

Gil Meche - P - 1997-98

Cutter Dykstra - OF - 2009

Adam Jones - SS - 2004

Phillippe Aumont - P - 2008

Chris Tillman - P - 2007

Brett Lawrie - 2B - 2009

Jeff Clement - C - 2005

J.J. Putz - P - 2000
Details on each player are at the link, too. I think we all know The Kid's vote (coughCuttercough)...and also his complaint (ahemNo Tuicough). But try not to let that deter you.


THE KID said...

I must have used up my genius yesterday on Fairfax the Field Conditions Ferret cuz it took me a while to realize that the answers where in "white font"...that or i'm just plain slow...

But yes, my first thought would be very Seinfeld-esq:

"Hey, Tui bobblehead!!!"
"No, no Tui bobblehead!!!"
"No Tui bobblehead???"
"Why no Tui bobblehead?"

But, i'm not going to fret. I'll just have to get on eBay when the Mariners do a Tui bobblehead.

Some interesting choices. Some guys i don't know were in a Rattler uniform long enough to warrant a bobblehead, but i see where they're going.

Taking out emotion and voting on time in a Rattler uni, contributions thus far and where they're headed, I'd have to go with Adam Jones.

But considering we're now a Brewer affiliate I predict this coming down to a two man race...and that leaves only one obvious choice:

Drivin' home this evening
I coulda sworn we had it all worked out
You had this boy believin'
Way beyond the shadow of a doubt

Then I heard it on the street
I heard you mighta found somebody new
Well who is he baby - who is he
And tell me what he means to you

I took it all for granted
But how was I to know
That you'd be letting go

Now it cuts like a knife
But it feels so right
It cuts like a knife
But it feels so right...

Chris said...

Do I know my reader, or what?

THE KID said...

Yes you do!!!

But don't sell yourself short (judge), there is easily a half dozen regular readers :)

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