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Eric Baldwin, who visited the Timber Rattlers back in May is still alive and going strong at the Main Event of the World Series of Poker!

Day 7 started at 2pm CDT today and this was a big hand for basebaldy!

We just caught the tail end of a pot as we walked up to see a board of in the middle of the table. Ismail Erkenov had the betting lead, and he fired out one final bet of 200,000. Eric "basebaldy" Baldwin proceeded to raise to 650,000 straight, and that sent Erkenov deep into the tank. When he finally did call, Baldwin tabled his cards and pulled his chips back into his stack immediately. He had , and jacks full are basically the nuts there.

That pot moves Baldwin up to 3.1 million, while Erkenov has slipped back to about 900,000.
Update is from the WSOP update site, which you may follow here.

As of this posting at 4pm, there were 66 players left!  I think that they are playing down to 27 players tonight.  If he makes it through, they will play down to the November Nine tomorrow!

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UPDATE:  Congratulations to Eric Baldwin on a great run in the Main Event.  The former Wisconsin-Whitewater Warhawk wrapped his deep run with a 59th place finish.  Here was the hand:

Pascal LeFrancois raised from middle position, and Brandon Steven called on the button. Eric Baldwin was in the big blind with less than 700,000 chips, and he shipped it in there with and a prayer. LeFrancois called with , Steven folded, and Baldwin was at risk as the film crew swarmed his table.

Board: (uh-oh!) . Baldwin's pair of kings were no good to his opponent's set, and he has been eliminated. It was a fine run for one of the more dangerous players in the field, but his Main Event has come to a close in 59th place.
Great job, basebaldy!  Come on back next year!

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