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Matt Nelson's profile of Time Warner Cable Field has sunk me into a deep depression. Just click the link and you'll remember the heady day of May 8, 2010.  Oh, heck. Watch the video.

His words:
The ballpark is nice, but lacks some of the ammentities of newer parks. Within the Midwest League it is probably the most comparable to Coveleski Stadium in South Bend. It has a mostly open concourse with a small press box at concourse level behind home plate. The exterior is ok, but doesn’t necessarily standout. The location of the ballpark is near a shopping mall and a major highway meaning it’s easy to get to and there is plenty to do near the park, but the fact remains that the stadium is pretty much just surrounded by parking lots.

Give the Timber Rattlers organization a lot of credit though, they've put in some very nice features. There's a restaurant/bar, plenty of group seating options throughout the park, and a new addition, there's a giant sand box in right-center field, much like what Petco Park in San Diego has. So although the ballpark isn't the newest, flashiest, park in the league, it's clear that the club has made efforts to give fans a great night of entertainment.
Yes. Imagine that. Parking lots. But, at least we get a lot of credit.
It's also clear that the fans in the Fox River Valley enjoy coming out and supporting the team. Part of that is probably due to the switch at the beginning of the 2009 season from being the longtime Mariners affiliate in the Midwest League, to having an affiliation with the in-state Brewers. They're also tough fans. It was 46 degrees at first pitch on the day I was in Grand Chute, and there was a very good crowd who didn't seem to mind the weather...probably because they have years of experience toughing out much worse weather 30 miles north in Green Bay at Lambeau Field.
It's a shame he didn't get any shots of anyone grilling out that day.

Flickr account.
His final words:
Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium is not a great park of the league, but it's a venue that has had some money invested in it, and the fans really come out and support their club. That's worth some serious points right there.
Gee. Credit AND points. Thanks. I guess.

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