Rattler Radio has been recognizing the 1960 Fox Cities Foxes as part of a 50 year anniversary of their Three-I League Championship.

The Cedar Rapids Kernels held a 50-year reunion for the Cedar Rapids Braves

Ron Hunt, who held the career record for being hit by a pitch, is about what you might expect...which is completely awesome!
Ron Hunt wore a suit coat, of all things, to Veterans Memorial Stadium last night. No big deal that it was 90-degree weather and high humidity.

“My wife made me wear this damn thing,” he said.

That’s OK, Ron. Everyone was sweating last night anyway.

And this really was a suit-wearing occasion. Hunt and four other members of the 1960 Cedar Rapids Braves were in town for a 50-year reunion.

The quintet — which also included Bill Marnie, Barry Morgan, Paul Snyder and Larry Huebner — toured the ballpark early Wednesday afternoon, were honored before last night’s Cedar Rapids Kernels-Fort Wayne game and signed autographs.

The reunion was Huebner’s idea. He located 23 of the 32 squad members (at least six have died) and suggested getting together.

He thought more than five would show up, but the five that were here enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

“I just made the suggestion,” said Huebner, who lives in Wisconsin. “I actually found 23 guys … It was a lot of fun to be able to talk to them. It was about an hour at a time. Just catching up with everybody.”

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