Tarp pulls and insect swarms

I don't know how much longer the internet is going to be available and I need to vacate the room in a bit.

So, I wanted to share a couple of videos from around the Midwest League.

This first one is of the attempted tarp pull on Sunday in Cedar Rapids.

I think I found something that Mike Trout can't do.

If I get bit by that spider, do I become Spider-Announcer?

Oh, that wacky mascot...Running out there with a chair at the end of the video.

Checkout the photo at the bottom of this post for the result of not being able to get the tarp all the way on the field.

Here is a video of last night (Monday) in Quad Cities.

I still have a few of those insects in my car from 2003 or 2004. I drove to Davenport for a series in July and left my windows open a crack to let air circulate. Then, a swarm like the one seen above hit the stadium. Ick.

Steve Batterson's writeup is more about the swarm than the River Bandits win.
Thousands of mayflies weren't the only thing that proved to be a nuisance for visiting Burlington on Monday night at Modern Woodmen Park.

The Bees also found themselves swatting unsuccessfully at the baseball when the insects and a pair of pesky errors arrived simultaneously to help Quad-Cities claim a 5-1 Midwest League victory.

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