They didn't think this through, did they?

America's Stupidest Criminals should visit Cedar Rapids.

Teens went after pop, candy during ballpark break-in
Three teenagers have been arrested for breaking into consession stands at Veterans Memorial Stadium, police said.

Andrew N. Rosa-Aguilar, 19, Vincent J. Lambert, 19, and Anthony J. Rutherford, 18, all of Cedar Rapids, were found inside the stadium around 11 p.m. Tuesday. An employee spotted them in the ballpark and called police.

Once they were inside the concession stand, he young men broke into multiple cash registers, but found them empty, police said. Officers caught them collecting about $100 worth of candy and chips, and about $10 worth of water and pop, according to the police report.
They had to be stupid to think that the Kernels...or any baseball team for that matter...would just leave money in the till overnight.

Also, you can tell this headline is from an Iowa news source...They say 'pop'. Everyone knows that they were actually after 'soda'.

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