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Just met with Chris Hook, the new pitching coach for the Timber Rattlers.

Before I give you the rotation, a quick word.

Three of the five spots in the Timber Rattler rotation will be handled by a pitching tandem. The first pitcher listed will get the start and be on an 85 pitch limit. The second pitcher listed will usually be the first reliever out of the bullpen and be on a 45 pitch limit. The next time that turn is up in the rotation, the pitchers will switch. The guy who relieved will start and the guy who started will relieve.

Got it? Good.

With all that said, here is the rotation as it stands for the first five games...weather permitting.

THU: RHP Cody Scarpetta/LHP Efrain Nieves
FRI: LHP Evan Frederickson/RHP Trey Watten
SAT: LHP Dan Merklinger
MON: RHP Wily Peralta/RHP Cody Adams
TUE: RHP Michael Bowman

Peralta will pitch against UWO and Adams will face the Rattler hitters in the scrimmage today.

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