He was? Really?

I received an odd e-mail...Yes, another one.

This one was requesting a photograph of Jack Zduriencik in a Foxes uniform from 1974.

I was not alone in being taken aback. Jack Z? The GM of the Mariners? Played for the Foxes?

To the internet and Baseball Reference!

Jack Z was an Appleton Fox for seven games in '73 and went 1-for-15. In '74, he played 11 games and was 2-for-29. It looks like his playing career ended after his last game with the Foxes.

He is not on the 1973 or 1974 team photo. He might be in the 1974 program, but that is one of the Foxes programs we don't have in our archives.

Please, take a look around your collections, Appleton baseball fans. Get in touch with me if you find anything.

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