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Fans flocking back to minor league ballparks

Where does the Midwest League come into play?
Eleven of the 15 minor leagues affiliated with the majors have reported increased crowds through June compared to 2009.

In tiny Clinton, Iowa, home of the Class-A LumberKings of the Midwest League, group sales have help drive a marked increase in attendance. General manager Ted Tornow said the team has sold 79,162 tickets through 42 dates this season, as opposed to just 58,899 through 41 dates in 2009,

It's a jump so large that Tornow has trouble putting his finger on exactly how it's happened. He pointed out that he's seen more local companies and organizations buying groups tickets than ever before.

Tornow believes that businesses might be looking at LumberKings games as an inexpensive way to boost employee morale.

"Are we printing money? Are we lighting the world on fire? No. But at the same point, we're not doing terribly bad either,'' Tornow said.
Right there. That's where.

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