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Hi, kids. It's me. Broomy McSweep. I'll make occasional appearances during the season. Usually after the Timber Rattlers sweep a doubleheader or a series.

But, today I'm here to represent the cold weather getting swept out of the Midwest. It was actually 17 degrees above zero when I was outside. I am also here to represent sweeping out the inbox of the guy who writes this blog.

First: Lara lost 4-2 to Caracas. Ivan Blanco ('05) 2-1/3IP, 2H, 0R, 3K got in the Liga Venezuela Beisbol Profesional Playoffs.

Second: Just Blue Skying in Peoria.
The NHL hit one out of the park when it staged an outdoor regular-season game last season and again this season.

How about an outdoor hockey game in Peoria?

It’s something the Peoria Chiefs are considering. They’d like to play host to a Winter Classic, American Hockey League style, at O’Brien Field.

Chiefs president Rocky Vonachen and Peoria Rivermen chief operating officer Josh Morin have talked, only informally, about the logistics of having the Rivermen play an outdoor game at O’Brien Field next winter.

It’s only exploratory. But as the NHL event continues to grow in popularity, it’s a matter of time before someone in the minors pulls this off, too.
Third: The important part about Scott Steinmann taking over as the manager of the Clinton LumberKings...what Ted thinks.
"He probably knows the bus routes by heart. We’re excited to have him. I enjoyed getting to know Scott when he was on the other side of the field,” Clinton general manager Ted Tornow said.

“He’s had some success at higher levels and as Seattle reorganizes its organization, they obviously believe he has something to offer in terms of educating and guiding their younger players.”
Fourth: Never leave like this...ever. Mehring jumped in with a few comments, those are in italics. I bolded the really relevant thing.
New Curve broadcaster Ron Potesta, like owner Bob Lozinak, spent the past six years in a place where fans don't care much about minor league baseball.

Radio announcers are like players (editor: We are?), Potesta said, in that they don't get too enthused going to the ballpark and performing when there are 200 people in the stands (editor: We don't?). That was the norm when Potesta worked for the West Tenn Diamond Jaxx in Jackson, Tenn.(editor: except for last year when attendance jumped over 25% over the 2007 season to 2,096 per game), but he knows things will be very different with the Curve at Blair County Ballpark.

''I am so excited to see 5,000, 6,000, 7,000 people at the ballpark,'' Potesta said. ''It puts an extra spring in your step.''

Potesta, who replaces Jason Dambach as the voice of the Curve, comes to Altoona with 12 years of minor league broadcasting experience. He worked for Lozinak's former team in Tennessee, and prior to that he had career stops in Lubbock and Abilene, Texas, Elmira, N.Y., and Vero Beach, Fla.

''In my 12 years of broadcasting, this is probably going to be the first year where the fan base is actually relevant,'' said the 44-year-old Potesta, who earned Southern League Broadcaster of the Year honors in 2007 with West Tenn.
So long, Diamond Jaxx and thanks for the memories.

Fifth: Whitecaps to host Irish Music Festival.
[T]he Aug. 22 event will boast an Art at the Park show with exhibits and sales of original paintings, sculptures, jewelry, fabric, ceramics and pottery, along with performances by popular Celtic acts The Elders, Screaming Orphans, Stephen's Green and balladeer Brendan Nolan, who will emcee.
They must not have been able to get Celtic Women:

Sixth: Former Kane County Cougar and current Philadelphia Phillie announcer Scott Franzke was interviewed by Shay Roddy of the Phillie Phanatics blog. Just click the link for some good announcer stuff.

Seventh: Between the Green Pillars has revealed Cutter Dykstra as the #13 prospect in the Brewer organization.
Dykstra was sidetracked briefly in July with a groin injury, which resulted in a short rehab assignment in Arizona, but he returned quickly to Helena. He played SS in high school, but was moved to CF late in his senior year, which allowed scouts to get a look at the position he’ll play in the pro’s. The most obvious flaw in Dykstra's game is his below average arm, which could limit his ability to play CF. If his arm can be playable in CF, he has a good shot to be an everyday player in the big leagues at some point. If he isn’t able to do that, he will probably become a 4th OF “tweener” type, because he lacks LF power and obviously couldn’t play everyday in right. He’s got the makeup of a Dykstra, which was obviously something that intrigued the Brewers and is a good enough reason to give him the benefit of the doubt on making the adjustments he’ll need to make to get to the big leagues. Unless something unforeseen happens, you can probably count on him being the lead-off hitter for the Appleton Timber Rattlers next year.
That's WISCONSIN Timber Rattlers, Ryan. But, otherwise good stuff.

Eighth: Last week, Tom Hardricourt revealed his Top 10 Prospects in the Brewer system as he put it together (with one tweak by the editors) for Baseball America. BA will be putting up that list along with 11-20 and some scouting reports tomorrow at some time. But, since the cat is out of the bag...
1. SS Alcides Escobar
2. 3B Mat Gamel
3. C Brett Lawrie
4. RHP Jeremy Jeffress
5. C Angel Salome
6. OF Lorenzo Cain
7. OF Cutter Dykstra
8. 3B Taylor Green
9. OF Cole Gillespie
10. C Jonathan Lucroy
That seems like a good place to stop today.

81 dies insquequo Oris Dies

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parkside21 said...

Longest guest blogger post ever.

I suppose it's a surprise to have Escobar #1 instead of Gamel, but I suppose I could see it either way. Not sure I'd have Lawrie that high just yet, at least not until he takes a professional at bat. I know he's a first rounder and all, so he deserves a spot in the top ten based on reputation alone, but so was Jeffress, who I have at #3, assuming his off the field "issues" are put behind him, which may or may not be assuming too much. Can't wait till the BA Prospect Handbook comes out!

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