Late Night, Early Morning, & D'Vo's 11

I am a little bleary-eyed this morning and it is a little before 6am as I start this post.

Friday was a long night. I think that I got out of here a little before 2am. I think that I got about 45 minutes of sleep. The bus is leaving for Cedar Rapids in less than an hour. I have a feeling that this is going to be a very quiet bus ride to Eastern Iowa. Regular posting will be up at some point today.

One thing that I wanted to get out there before hitting the road is this little nugget of which I was made aware last night.

D'Vontrey Richardson has reached base in 11 consecutive plate appearances. That dates back to the first game of the series with Beloit.

The Midwest League Record is 14 consecutive plate appearances and was set by Benji Simonton of Clinton. He did it from May 7-10, 1994 in a series against West Michigan.

Richardson's streak so far:

August 18:
Last plate appearance: Walk

August 19:
1st plate appearance: Double
2nd plate appearance: Walk
3rd plate appearance: Single
4th plate appearance: Walk

August 20:
1st plate appearance: Walk
2nd plate appearance: Single
3rd plate appearance: Walk
4th plate appearance: Single
5th plate appearance: Walk
6th plate appearance: Triple

The series continues tonight.

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