A visit from the POTMWL

That would be President of the Midwest League.
There are two words at the top of George Spelius' job description: smiles and laughter.

No, he doesn't run a comedy club and he doesn't make those goofy funhouse mirrors.

He's the president of the Midwest League.

This guy is the perfect face of a league that emphasizes family fun. He is the grandpa of a 16-team organization that is thriving with its two newest grandchildren.

"They know they're going to maybe travel a little bit more than the other teams and all that but they feel more comfortable it seems like in the first year," Spelius said, noting the addition of the Lake County Captains and Bowling Green Hot Rods this season. "So far I'd say it's been successful with the decision we've made. The commissioner's office and the national association is happy with that."
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