Something else of which to keep track

Well, now that Maverick Lasker is out of the Moniker Madness Voting...Isn't it funny how I can't find the vote tallies for that, by the way...I guess I need something else to occupy my time.  I was worried for about 10 seconds. Then, I remembered this...The 'Get Del In Shape for His Wedding' Contest.

The contestants and their weights for the official weigh in on 7/31:

Del Howell: 216

Andy Sauter: 199

Jeff Paxson: 222

Final weigh in is on August 30.  Most weight lost in the month is the winner.  Losers buy dinner for the winner..Which kind of defeats the purpose of the contest...but what do I know?

I was invited, but elected not to participate in the contest.  As always, I am on my own program.

I was also asked - by Del - who would win.  I did not pick a winner but did mention that I don't think Del will win because he is so slow, that his metabolism has got to be just as slow and will not allow him to drop the weight.

Good luck to the contestants.  Making a note to check back in on this later in the month.

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