Midwest Leaue Action: August 11, 2010

@Quad Cities 9, Wisconsin 7: Adams.

Beloit 7 @Peoria 4 (11): Delay.

@Clinton 7, Burlington 5: Track.

Kane County 11 @Cedar Rapids 2: Rare.

@South Bend 4, Great Lakes 3: Fades away.

@Fort Wayne 10, lake County 6: Bang.

West Michigan 5 @Bowling Green 3: Homer.

Lansing 5 @Dayton 2 (11): 22. Chicken promises win, but Dragons lay egg
“I am your good cluck charm,” Giannoulas proclaimed as Benzinger welcomed him with a handshake and a smile. “That losing streak ends tonight.”

Giannoulas, 56, who began performing as The San Diego Chicken in 1974 and still lives in San Diego, says he keeps records and that the home team has won more than 60 percent of the time when he shows up to perform.

“I’ve gone into situations where there have been long losing streaks before,” he said, “so hopefully a little levity might loosen the guys up and break the tension.”

There was levity, sure, but still no victory as the Dragons lost

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