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Survey says: Area wants new Snapper stadium

Cue the Field of Dreams reference, please?
One of the most famous lines from a baseball movie is, “If you build it, he will come,” the immortal words Kevin Costner hears in “Field of Dreams.”

Will a recent feasibility study allow the Beloit Snappers Baseball Club to move a step closer to its own “Field of Dreams?”

And if a new stadium is built, will fans come?

Dennis Conerton, Snappers board chairman, believes so.

“It’s very encouraging,” Conerton said of the study, which indicated that 75 percent of participants voted favorably for a proposed year-round multipurpose event facility and new stadium for minor league baseball in the Beloit Gateway Development area on Interstate 90.
The Snappers average close to 90,000 fans per year at Pohlman Field. The study indicated that a stadium built in the Beloit Gateway Development area could draw as many as 200,000 fans per year—more than double the current attendance rate.
Money remains the No. 1 obstacle in funding a new stadium/multipurpose facility. The estimated cost of new accommodations for the Snappers is between $5 million and $10 million dollars. That money would be raised through a capital campaign that 66 percent of those surveyed said was feasible.
Good luck, Snappers. I really want to retire the graphic up top.

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