What made this ad work?

If you read yesterday's entry about the 1960 Fox Cities Foxes, you noticed that the attendance for the game at Goodland Field was 4,741.

You also read about it being Miller Beer Night.

This is the ad in the Appleton Post-Crescent that helped get the people to come on out to the game.

Reason that this ad work? I am leaning to the two free admission coupons at the bottom of the ad, but maybe there were a lot of Bobby Allison fans in the Fox Cities in the 80's.

This is not the 1985 car, but the '88 car is close to how I remember the '85 car.

Unless it was closer to the '83 car since that was still #22 instead of #12.
Not a huge NASCAR fan. I'm just looking for answers.

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