Mehring Monday: The Musical

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To the column!

Every year, the e-mail comes into the inbox about this time of the year. "What is this guys walkup music?" For example, last year it was "What is that song that Sean McCraw has played before he goes to the plate?" The answer was I'm Shipping Up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys.

My idea of walkup music when attending games at Milwaukee County Stadium was when organist Frank Charles would play Bobby Day's Rockin' Robin on his trusty Wurlitzer as Robin Yount headed for home plate.

But, I have moved into the 21st century on this aspect of the game. Kind of. Some my favorite Timber Rattlers walkup music over the years has been Chris Snelling -- with this little Rob Zombie ditty -- and Juan Done with a little Disturbed. Then, there was Marshall Hubbard, who was a real American, brutha!

I get to hear the opponent's music on the road and they have had some memorable walk up music. There was a Beloit Snapper -- Jeff Eure, I think -- who is proud to be an American where at least he knows he's free. Another Snapper -- Adam Heether, I think -- was just a good ol' boy, never meanin' no harm. And for the last three or four years, there is one player on the Burlington Bees roster (a different one every year) who walks up to a classic 80's song by The Outfield.

So, when the question from someone on twitter asked me what the song played for Joey Paciorek, I was ready.

The crack production staff at Time Warner Cable Field sent me a list of everyone's walkup music. And here is that list:

Scooter Gennett - "Play Ball" by Soulja Boy feat. Drake
D'Vontrey Richardson - "Do Ya Thang" by PSC feat. TI
Pete Fatse - "I Made It" by Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne
Cameron Garfield - "Till I collapse" by Eminem
Austin Stockfisch - "Green Onions" by Booker T and the MGs
Chris Dennis - "It's My Time" by Fabolous
Sean Halton - "Over" by Drake
Joey Paciorek - "Young Cardinals" by Alexisonfire
Carlos George - "Big Things Poppin'" by TI
Michael Marseco - "Escape" by Our Last Night
Khris Davis - "Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It" by Ice Cube
Franklin Romero - "I Know You Want Me" by Pitbull

So, the answer to the question is Young Cardinals

In answer to your other question...One. That's how many of the songs on this list I know. That song is this one...

Good DiMaggio, the 60's were weird. How much do you want to bet that some collector has those round individual stage platforms in his basement?

As for your other question, I have already stated that this would be my walkup music...it just has to be cued up to the right part.

I would not use this one. I hear it every time this column posts. Every.single.time.

This one maybe, if everyone in the crowd shouted out MEHRING! at the proper point in the song. Click the link you'll know the part.

I might be persuaded to use this one right now:

1 comment:

THE KID said...

Thank you Chris (& crack production staff).

My answer would be Zero. As in I am old & do not know one of those songs.

These kids today...I guess as long as they can play ball what does 10-30 seconds of music matter?

McCraw's & Brock's (Welcome To The Jungle) were the best from last year.

Worst off the top of my head...Andy Hargrove, Livin' On A Prayer.

Not that I don't like me some Bon Jovi...but Livin' On A Prayer doesn't exactly inspire confidence when attempting to take a rounded piece of wood and hit a round object that's hurled at you 85+ mph.

Hey, wasn't his dad manager of the Mariners...???

Hey, didn't his dad retired/get fired...???

Hey, what even happened to Andy then...???

We need someone to get some 80's Metal going...or at the very least a cover song by an 80's Metal parody band...


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