Apparently, I need to check in now

Tarp pull -- off the field. Thank, Hornsby. -- and finishing up the column for Sportsbubbler.com have occupied most of the morning.

Staff meeting, game notes, stat packs, and probably a few other things will keep me occupied for the next few hours. Oh, and I may actually try to duck out for lunch at some point today, too. I will try to have the regular posts up around 2 or 3 this afternoon.

Until then...I don't know...Maybe get some work done?


THE KID said...

I'll cut you some slack today (like I have a choice?), but did you expect us to work?

Ummm, it's Friday. My boss has been out since Wednesday...i'm not going to start working now.

My wife and I sat next to a nice couple and their two kids last night. It was their first Rattler game.

He said it was getting too expensive to head down to Miller Park. They were from Fond Du Lac. I said oh, i'm sorry. He said why? I said i'm not quite sure, but growing up in Manitowoc we didn't like you guys very much. A hearty laugh ensued.

He asked a couple questions, i filled him in (I remained calm when Lawrie came up, but he agreed with me!) and he asked if i get to many games. I said you could say that.

His son brought a glove in hopes of getting a ball and i'd encouraged him to work on the Kernel warming up the right fielder cuz he'd come back with three balls in his glove.

Through 5 or 6 innings he just jogged right by this 12 or so year old. C'mon. Bad Kernel (yes you Jeff Jones from Stafford, VA via William & Mary)!

But fortunately after recording an out the next inning or so the first basemen tossed him the ball.

And his daughter like Fang and the ice cream. Good time had by all. And for some reason as they were leaving i shook his hand and thanked him for coming (I must have been caught up in the victory or something).

Anyway, good game last night. A "W" is a "W" but i'll take a 9-4 win versus the 1-0 Tuesday night.

Here's Five From THE KID

1) Brock tied with Little Papi for 2nd on the season HR list, he'll get three more and have first to himself

2) Clutch, clutch hitting by the Rattlers last night with ducks on the pond

3) Nice catch by Vass staying focused and recovering off the bobble on that line drive

4) I know it's to get his bat in the lineup and i'd like to see Brock at first, but credit to Kemp who continues to get better at first and had a nice scoop last night

5) McCraw arm. Wow. Second only to his walk up music.

Jenifer said...
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