Tonight's the night

Chris Tillman is about to become the second Timber Rattlers alumni since last Saturday to become make his major league debut.

O's set to unveil prospect Tillman
He hasn't thrown a pitch in a Major League game, but Chris Tillman is already earning flattering comments from his teammates, even regarding his physical makeup.

"He's tall, handsome and lanky," fellow rookie David Hernandez quipped. "When I left Norfolk he was just starting to get going, and if he just pitches how he pitches, he shouldn't change a thing when he's up there."

Wednesday, Tillman will be the latest Oriole to make his big league debut.

Good luck, Chris. It's just the Royals, but still....

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parkside21 said...

I don't know if they'll ever be able to consistently compete with the Yankees or Red Sox for the next decade (besides a fluke year here and there, sorry Rays, but face it, I don't see you competing long term). That said, I really like what the Orioles have done. Kudos to the warehouse.

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