August 18, 2009: Transactions

2B Brett Lawrie has been transferred from Wisconsin to Huntsville.

2B Mike Brownstein has been transferred from Helena to Wisconsin.

Brownstein will be on the active roster for tonight.


THE KID said...

I know you don't and/or can't and/or won't comment, but the prodigal beat writer doesn't have this up yet so i can't comment there and i can't get any work done until i vent...

The best way to put it is... this is disappointing.

This is another example of NOT the message the Brewer brass gave us last September when Fang & Bernie met here for the first time.

I know, I know...they also said if a player has obviously out performed a level, they'd be moved up. Has Lawrie obviously out performed this level? Obviously? Really?

I know Lawrie was here longer than a Tillman or Triunfel, but what about keeping the team together and developing a winning attitude? That's what we were told the Brewers do.

I admit, I thought we were out of it a couple weeks ago, I was wrong. The team has battled and we're not completely out of it yet.

We need all the help we can get and this is just the latest player loss that's going to hurt.

Good for Brett, really. But there's what 2 1/2 weeks left, why now? WE NEED HIM NOW.

If this was still last year and the Mariners system, i wouldn't be nearly as disappointed because that's what they do and we got used to it. They were at least up front about that.

I know the Brewers organization doesn't owe me or any of the other two dozen die-hard Timber Rattler fans anything. But i still somehow feel that i was sold a bill of goods and it's turned out to be something it's not.

I'd like to say i feel better spewing for 10 minutes...but I don't.

I'm still...disappointed.

And to think, i just Tweeted Gord Ash this morning congratulating him on signing so many of their higher round picks...this'll learn me.

Jenifer said...
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