Midwest League Action: Games of May 12, 2010

Complete scoreboard (what there is of it)

Link is a word in the headline

Rattlers @Quad Cities: Rained out. Canceled

Kane County @Beloit: Rained out. Doubleheader on May 18

Burlington @Cedar Rapids: Rained out. Doubleheader on June 18

Clinton 5 @Peoria 4: Swept.

@Lake County 3, Bowling Green 1; @LC 6, BG 1: Sweep.

@Dayton 5, Fort Wayne 4: Edge.

@Lansing 7, West Michigan 1: Dominates.

Great Lakes 3, @South Bend 1: Owns.

When ever I see the word 'Owns' all by itself, I am reminded of this scene from Slap Shot.

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