Profiling Cameron Garfield

Brett Christopherson continues his series of profiles today with Timber Rattlers catcher Cameron Garfield.
Q: You had just turned 18 when the Brewers drafted you. Would you say the adjustment to pro ball was made more difficult given your young age?

A: Playing the game every day is definitely a big step, and it takes a toll on the body. I signed early last year and went to Helena and played a short season there the whole season. And that was actually good for just getting used to the physical demands. So coming into this year, I knew how to get in shape and take the toll better. The mental part is a different story. Learning the difficulties of having to bat every day and going 0-for-four (one game) and then three-for-four (the next). That's going to be a tough situation to handle.
Click through for all of it, including Jeff Isom's take on Garfield.

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