Richardson & Lasker

The Post-Crescent has profiled Maverick Lasker this week.

He answers the main questions which everyone asks.
Q: Let's get this out of the way. Is Maverick your real name? And if so, any connection to the movie "Top Gun?"

A: Yeah. My parents just liked the name from the movie, I guess. They're not really big "Top Gun" fans. They just saw the name, liked it and stuck with it.

Q: Have your friends ever razzed you with quotes from the movie?

A: (Smiling) Yeah, "Where's Goose at?" Stuff like that. I hear that a lot.
Much, much more over there at the link.

Also, Bob Brainerd has a feature at FSWisconsin on D'Vontrey Richardson.
“I know (Brewers Director of Amateur Scouting) Bruce Seid and the people in the draft decided we need to be more athletic,” said Jeff Isom, who manages the Brewers Class A team. “Well, what a great guy to go get. That’s kind of the prototypical player if you’re talking about athleticism. An unbelievable build, strong kid, he works hard in the weight room.”

“We’ve got some things to work on, no question, but there’s a lot of upside to him.”

Richardson successfully juggled his collegiate career on the gridiron and the diamond. With the blessing of his football coach Bobby Bowden, D’Vontrey skipped football offseason workouts and spring practice to keep sharp at his other athletic gift.
Read it all.

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