What my gut tells me (5/2/10)


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I'm not a big believer in one moment turning around a season, but my gut tells me that a walk issued by Damon Krestalude in the bottom of the fifth inning turned Sunday's game around.

Here is the situation: The Rattlers are down 2-0 in the fifth. Runner at first one out and a 2-2 pitch is due to James Beresford, the #9 hitter for the Snappers. Krestalude misses on the pitch. And everyone is thinking that the count should be 3-2.

The plate umpire awarded first base to Beresford.

Now, I have seen a ball called on a pitcher with out throwing a pitch, but it usually involves him putting his hand to his mouth while still on the mound. And I will apologize if that was the call and I missed it, but I am almost positive that was not the call. Beresford got first base on a three-ball walk.

After a lengthy discussion, it was decided that the call would stand. Two on with one out.

I can't tell you how many times I have seen a call like that throw a pitcher at this level completely off his game.

Krestalude got the ball after the delay and struck out Twins uber-prospect Aaron Hicks. Then, he got #2 hitter Brian Dozier to popup to end the inning.

My gut tells me that a reaction like that gets noticed. That reaction in similar situations in the future will take Krestalude a long way.

By coincidence, the Rattlers scored twice in the top of the sixth and five times in the seventh to snap that stupid losing streak.

Nice job by the Rattlers to get the win today.

Get em' again tomorrow.

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