It's back

Jay's Rattler Alumni Report is back and -- of course -- I knocked it off the headlines on the front page of the Rattlers website without realizing it. Sorry, Jay.

He covered one thing I wanted to mention and has an exhaustive list of ex-Rattlers who are in the Independent Leagues.

The one thing I wanted to mention was the Pirates released Chris Snelling. Dang. If he pops up anywhere, I'll make a note of it...or Jay will.

Did I say exhaustive list...These are just a few:

Jon Nelson and Matt Hagen, who were teammates on the '03 Rattlers are now teammates for the Somerset Patriots in the Atlantic League.

Brent Metheny (Winnipeg) and Craig James (Schaumburg) are both in the Northern League.

Chris Colton, Tanner Watson, and Paul Fagan were Frontier League All-Stars.

Click the link for the whole thing.

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