July 19, 2009: Sunday reading

The Prodigal Beat Writer has a column that covers something that should be of interest to both the local readers and the followers of the Brewers minor league system.

Kimberly pitcher Brad Schreiber to decide between Purdue or Brewers
What should Brad Schreiber do?

At 18 years old and with a bright future still waiting to be charted, should he choose the dream offer or go with the chance to actually touch the dream?

First, the offer: Schreiber, who graduated from Kimberly this past spring, has been handed a 90-percent-paid scholarship that would bring his talented right arm and sweet swing to Purdue University.

Not only are we talking the opportunity to play Big Ten baseball, but the estimated cost for a non-resident to walk PU's hallowed halls this upcoming school year is — swallow hard — more than 37 grand.

That's a whole lot of free schooling from a pretty swank place.

A no-brainer, right?

Well, that brings us to the dream: Schreiber received a nice little surprise last month in the way of an unexpected phone call. It was Harvey Kuenn Jr., an area scout with the Milwaukee Brewers, with the OMG! news that the Crew, Schreiber's favorite team growing up, would be selecting the kid in the 42nd round of the annual amateur draft.

Pro ball? Brewers? Maybe even get to play in front of the hometown crowd as a member of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers?

A no-brainer, right?
A few guidelines...
According to the rules of Major League Baseball's first-year player draft, a team "retains the rights to sign a selected player until 11:59 p.m. (EDT) Aug. 15, or until the player enters, or returns to, a four-year college on a full-time basis."

Also, the rules stipulate if a player opts for school, he wouldn't be eligible for the draft again until he completes either his junior or senior year or reaches at least 21 years of age.
Go read it all.

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