An epidemic of shaving cream

In the words of the poet...What was the deal yesterday?

From the Cedar Rapids Gazette story of yesterday's doubleheader...which featured free admission to the day game...which was pretty cool by the way...
The towel full of shaving cream to the face caught him offguard.

“Got some in my mouth, too,” Cedar Rapids Kernels third baseman Jon Townsend said. “Actually got a lot in my mouth. That was bad.”

It’s a baseball thing. Sometimes a guy goes in front of a television camera for a postgame interview, a teammate sneaks up behind him and whammo.

The good thing is it means the guy creamed did something outstanding.
From the Midland Daily News story on the Loooooons game:
Shaving cream pies in the face are normally reserved for players, but the Great Lakes Loons made an exception for manager Juan Bustabad Saturday night after he earned his 600th career win with a 10-2 victory over the West Michigan Whitecaps.

“The players want to have fun and I want to have fun,” said Bustabad as he wiped shaving cream out of his hair and face. “It’s been a good chemistry on this team. I owe (the win total) to the players I’ve had over the years and the hard work and devotion they’ve put in.

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