Transactions for May 3, 2010

Joey Paciorek placed on the disabled list
Cutter Dykstra transferred to Wisconsin from extended Spring training

Dykstra is active today.

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THE KID said...

I've been foolishly working this morning and hadn't gotten a chance to get over here yet today...that's why it's important to follow the Rattlers & Chris on Twitter!!!

In lieu of Tui getting sent down to AAA, great news for another THE KID favorite. Congrats Cutter!!!

Could kinda see this happening to Tui. Having only gotten 22 AB's over the first month, it is probably better for him to be playing every day at AAA until he's needed for a full time position(s).

Was happy to read Jack Z say that it hand nothing to do with Tui not doing what was asked, but everything to do w/a young player better served by playing every day instead of on the bench.

Now that we've got a one game winning streak going & Cutter is back, very much looking forward to this home stand!!!

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