Two no-hitters, one night (IMPORTANT UPDATE)

If you clicked on either the Peoria or Cedar Rapids story in the Midwest League post this morning, you saw that right. Two no-hitters in the MWL last night.

The last time I remember two no-hitters on the same night was June 29, 1990.

Dave Stewart of the Oakland A's no-hit the Blue Jays in Toronto. Later that night, Fernando Valenzuela pitched a no-no for the Dodgers over the St. Louis Cardinals in Los Angeles.

The fact-checkers in Peoria found this little gem and put it up on their twitter feed...before the Kernels no-hitter was official:
The only other time in MWL history there were 2 no-nos on the same day it was also the Chiefs and @CRKernels. 7/10/87. Finish it off CR!
Of course, @CRKernels (and @jeje66) spat in the face of baseball tradition by continually mentioning the no-hitter. Maybe that's what I did wrong in Burlington earlier this month.

The pitchers of those no-hitters on July 10, 1987 were:

CR: Mike Converse (vs. Kenosha)
PEO: Jeff Schwarz (vs. Kenosha)...



That Cedar Rapids information is from this post at Jeff Johnson's blog. The Peoria information is from MWL Guide's 1987 Highlight's. Joel's entry mentioned nothing about two no-hitters on the same day.

My MWL Record Book is at the ballpark. I'll be over there in about an hour and I will try to get to the bottom of this mystery. Consider this post to be updated by 11:30.

Meanwhile, just enjoy the final out from Cedar Rapids as the Kernels no-hit Kane County.

My favorite things about the video.

The crowd noise
The pitcher coming out of the dugout for the handshake line who give the fist pump
The player who does the double take after realizing that he just slapped five with a man dressed up as an ear of corn.

UPDATE: 11:15am.

I just checked my Midwest League Record Book. It has the following entries under the NO-HIT GAMES

Mike Converse, Cedar Rapids vs. Kenosha, 4-0, July 10, 1987
Jeff Schwarz, Peoria vs. Kenosha, 4-0, July 10, 1987

The Baseball Reference entry for Schwarz has him as a Peoria Chief in 1987. He was on his third time through the Midwest League. Schwarz did make the majors with the White Sox in 1993-1994. He also pitched for the Angels in 1994.

The Baseball Reference entry for Converse has him as member of the Cedar Rapids Reds, but in 1986. The 6'-9" righty was 7-13 for the Reds in '86. He would pitch for Tampa in the Florida State League in 1987, but was let go after the season.

The mystery is solved. I went back to the 1986 Highlights at Joel's Midwest League Guide and found this entry:
  • June 6, 1986
    • Mike Converse (Cedar Rapids) No hitter; Beloit, 2-0
Great story from last night, but now - thanks to a typo/mistake in the media Guide - we know that it's even better. Last night was the first time there have ever been two no-hitters thrown on the same date in Midwest League History.

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