Whitecaps in the spotlight....again

Man vs. Food's Adam Richman was in West Michigan last night. What do you think he was there to do?
Considering Adam Richman, host of the Travel Channel's "Man v. Food" show, didn't sit down in Fifth Third Ballpark's competition area Wednesday night until the middle of the eighth inning to dig into the Fifth Third Burger, eating the 4-pound sandwich in a record 17 minutes or faster seemed out of the question.

And consuming the nearly 4,800 calories and 300 grams of fat before the end of the West Michigan Whitecaps game -- the only way to officially join the club of those who completed the feat and received a Fifth Third Burger shirt -- didn't seem likely, either.

But Richman, known for his ability to eat large quantities of foods across the U.S., completed the task in a made-for-television-performance of 27 minutes, waving and talking to the crowd that had crammed into every possible spot along the third-base concourse to get a glimpse.

The crowd cheered before Richman sat down, shouted such things as "Eat that meat" and "Man up" while he ate and let out a huge roar when Richman, who emphasized it wasn't man vs. time but man vs. food, took his last bit.
Is that supposed to be his last bite?...asked the guy who made so many mistakes on yesterday's Game Notes post it was heartbreakingly funny...

This may be giving away the ending, but it's worth it:
He celebrated by circling the crowd, slapping high-fives and kissing three spectators.
I hope this video shows up on this post...
'Man v. Food' takes on Fifth Third Burger

It did! I don't know why there is all of that space, but it's there.

Fun fact from the article: It's the Travel Channel's policy to not speak with the media.


THE KID said...

Absolutely love that show. Cannot wait for the next season to start even though re-watching the DVR's episodes is still not getting old.

Chris said...

I miss Three Sheets on MOJO.

Mike said...

It was such a good time! We went and watched the man dominate the burger! I wrote about our great experience too! Man Vs Food

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