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I thought the story about the Chiefs and Snappers suspension of play that is linked below was interesting. So, here is again with a few of the pertinent facts that are in play when teams are deciding what to do when there is bad weather in the area.
“They were just hoping that the rain would move through,” Chiefs president Rocky Vonachen said of play continuing and then waiting more than an hour to suspend it. “I don’t think any of us thought it would rain that hard, that long.”

The game started 42 minutes late after a rain-anticipation delay.

“I thought we should have started on time,” Beloit manager Nelson Prada said. “I know they worry about starting pitchers and I understand all that.”
We get together with (Chiefs manager Marty Pevey) and the umpires and we look at the weather and what’s coming and we try and make the best decision with what we’ve got,” Vonachen said. “We saw the front coming so we thought, hey, let’s wait an extra 15 minutes to see if it was going to hit us. When we looked at that, we thought it might slide by us.”

When it appeared that the system was not sliding by, just moving slower in the approach, the decision was made to start since Peoria’s Chris Archer and Beloit’s Daniel Osterbrock had begun to warm up.
But the rain started falling in the top of the first and turned harder by the bottom of the inning when the Chiefs scored their run behind a throwing error, a walk and three wild pitches.

Still, for umpires Luke Hamilton and Charles Billington it was not enough to stop play.
There must have been something that made them decide to stop play, no?
Finally after Peoria catcher Michael Brenly dropped a bunt that stuck, literally, to the third baseline for a single was play stopped.

“It was like a truck tire. You could see the mud building up on the ball,” Pevey said. “When the third basemen came and picked it up his shoes stuck six inches in the ground. That’s when they said, ‘Oh that will be enough.’ ”
That would do it, yes?

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