Do you realize....

...that one week from today is Fan Fest? Do you also realize that one week from right now (writing this at 1:16pm), the gates of Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium will have been open for over an hour?

No time for a proper afternoon update. Meetings and conference calls and tracking down enough Mountain Dew to make it to the next meeting has been taking up most of my time today.

Maybe something later tonight....Maybe.


According to Georges Ifrah, the origin of the 9 integers can be attributed to the ancient Indian civilization, and was adopted by subsequent civilizations in conjunction with the 0.[6]

In the beginning, various Indians wrote 9 similar to the modern closing question mark without the bottom dot. The Kshtrapa, Andhra and Gupta started curving the bottom vertical line coming up with a 3-look-alike. The Nagari continued the bottom stroke to make a circle and enclose the 3-look-alike, in much the same way that the @ character encircles a lowercase a. As time went on, the enclosing circle became bigger and its line continued beyond the circle downwards, as the 3-look-alike became smaller. Soon, all that was left of the 3-look-alike was a squiggle. The Arabs simply connected that squiggle to the downward stroke at the middle and subsequent European change was purely cosmetic.

9 dies insquequo Oris Dies!

*-Thank you, Wikipedia.

March 29 Timber Rattler Spring Training Game

On Sunday, the Timber Rattlers lost 5-4 to the Cedar Rapids Kernels.
The writeup at Brewerfan.net:
Cedar Rapids edged Wisconsin by the score of 5-4. Mike Marseco and John Delaney continue to earn mentions daily, as each had two hits each for the Timber Rattlers. Cody Scarpetta started and gave up four runs in four innings of work, striking out seven and walking four. Bobby McEwen and Curtis Pasma kept it close with scoreless efforts late.
Head over here for the Timber rattler half of the boxscore.

Getting closer to starting

This was going to be the day Ryan Rowland-Smith proved that a gut-wrenching decision earlier this spring was worth it.

Rowland-Smith had skipped playing for Team Australia at the World Baseball Classic, a move he debated internally right up to the pretournament deadline. It seemed an almost futile gesture at the time, with the Mariners seemingly having all five spots in their rotation locked down and Rowland-Smith again ticketed for bullpen duty.

But then Brandon Morrow came up hurting and decided to abandon the rotation permanently. That left a spot wide open for Rowland-Smith, one he just might have nailed down with an exclamation point Monday.

"That's always the kind of outing you want to have, obviously," Rowland-Smith said after holding the Milwaukee Brewers to two runs over six solid innings. "At the end of camp, I'm trying to lock that spot in the rotation down, so it's a good time to have it."

Ex-Rattlers in Spring Training (3/30)

Braves 4, Red Sox 3

Ex-Rattler for Atlanta:
Eric O'Flaherty ('04, '05): 1-1/3IP, H, 0R, BB, 4K

Pirates 3, Reds 2

Ex-Rattler for Pittsburgh:

Ramon Vazquez ('96, '97): 0-for-2, BB

Cardinals 2, Marlins 1

Ex-Rattlers for St. Louis:

Joel Pineiro ('98): 6IP, 3H, 0R, BB, 5K
Ryan Franklin (Foxes, '94): 1/3IP, H, R

Phillies 13, Astros 3

Ex-Rattlers for Philadelphia:

Greg Dobbs ('02): 1-for-2, 2RBI
Raul Ibanez (Foxes '93, '94): 1-for-2, 2 runs, 2BB

Yankees 3, Blue Jays 1

Ex-Rattler for New York:
Damaso Marte ('96): 1/3IP, H, 0R

Indians 5, Padres 2

Ex-Rattlers for Cleveland:
Asdrubal Cabrera ('05): 2-for-4, run, RBI
Shin Soo Choo ('02): 0-for-3, RBI

Mets 2, Orioles 1

Ex-Rattler for New York:

JJ Putz ('00): 1-1/3IP, H, 0R, Win

Ex-Rattler for Baltimore:
Adam Jones ('04): 1-for-3, run, RBI, HR

Mariner Exhibition Game (3/30)

Brewers 9, Mariners 7

Ex-Rattlers for Seattle:
Mike Wilson ('05): 2-for-3, 2HR, 5RBI*
Wladimir Balentien ('04): 0-for-5
Rob Johnson ('05): 0-for-1
Ryan Rowland-Smith ('02, '03): 6IP, 5H, 2R, BB, 2K
Mark Lowe ('05): IP, 3H, 3R, 0ER, K

Ex-Rattler for Milwaukee:
Lindsay Gulin ('98): IP, 3H, 4R, 0ER, K, Win

*-Here is Geoff Baker's blog post about the game. It includes this information about Mike Wilson.
Mike Wilson hit two more home runs, giving him a team-leading seven this spring. [Manager Don] Wakamatsu praised Wilson for having "reinvented himself'' after being taken off the 40-man roster to make room for Ken Griffey Jr. But no, he won't make the team. You've got to do more than hit homers in the Cactus League to do that and Wilson will have chances to improve his game at Class AAA. He's on a minor league deal, so he won't have to clear waivers. Wladimir Balentien is a better defender and his bat has looked good down here.


Hoffman? Did he say Hoffman?

Thanks to Rattler Radio reader srberndt for the link to this blog post by Adam McCalvy, the Brewer Beat Writer at MLB.com. Click the link for the full post, but here is the main part for Rattler fans and Brewer fans:
Hoffman is likely to remain with the team for treatment when the Brewers break camp Thursday night and travel to California for two exhibitions against the Dodgers and then the season-opening series against the Giants. At some point he could be sent out -- either to Triple-A Nashville or Class A Wisconsin -- for a rehabilitation outing or two.
The latest post has Hoffman being placed on the DL....Hmmmm.

10 dies insquequo Oris Dies!

Another Video Board Photo

I hope that I am not giving anything away with this picture. But, it looked so good today....

Where is Mike Rowe when you need him?

Dirty Job? We got one for ya.

That is the cleaning crew pressure washing the seats and aisles this morning. It's wet and it's cold, but somebody has to do it...Michael Scott comment in 3...2...1...

Starting today...

If there is time, I'll be doing a mid-day update from here through September. This will be for news items that I missed in the morning, new things that come in to Rattler Radio, and various other things.

For the new readers out there, the in-season post schedule for night games goes a little something like this:

MWL ACTION: Links to game stories in various Midwest League newspapers and on team websites.

MWL NEWS: Um, News from around the Midwest League.

BREWER SYSTEM REPORT: A look at how the rest of the Milwaukee system did.

MLB RATTLER ALUMNI: A look how some ex-Rattlers did in action the previous night.

TIMBER RATTLER GAME RECAP: A little something about the last Rattler game played. Still working on a theme. In the past it was something like...If Last Night's game were a movie...or If Last Night's game were a song...Developing

MISCELLANEOUS: Um, Miscellaneous stories that don't fit into the morning update.

GAME NOTES: Notes about the game that evening.


Maybe the starting lineups, maybe a promo for that night's pre-game show guest, maybe a quick weather report, maybe something else. This is fungible.

I am thinking about having a liveblog during some games. This will let you chime in with questions, comments, or just talk with the two other people who would be on-line to comment.

If there is a rain delay, I'll bring back Rain Delay Theater.

To follow up on the Live Blog idea...I am about 98% sure that I will be doing a live blog for the scrimmage between the Timber Rattlers and UW-Oshkosh during Fan Fest on April 7. Some, if you can't be here, I can make stuff up to keep you informed.

Nothing except a link to the box score and the game story with perhaps a pithy comment or two. I'd lie and say that I have a life, but that much time on a computer can't be good.

The posting schedule for day games will be very, very compressed.


10 is the smallest noncototient, a number that can not be expressed as the difference between any integer and the total number of coprimes below it.

10 is the smallest positive integer requiring three syllables.

Ten is the eighth Perrin number, preceded in the sequence by 5, 5, 7.

A polygon with ten sides is a decagon.

10 is the atomic number of neon.

In ancient Rome, the killing of one in ten soldiers in a cohort was the punishment for cowardice or mutiny; or, one-tenth of the able-bodied men in a village as a form of retribution, thus causing a labor shortage and threat of starvation in agrarian societies. This was called decimation.

The official residence of the British Prime Minister is at 10 Downing Street.

There are 10 provinces in Canada.

The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Dallas Cowboys 21–17 in Super Bowl X.

I should have used this video yesterday:

10 dies insquequo Oris Dies!

*-Thank you, Wikipedia.

A little BP

Thanks to The Kid for the pointer to this:

That's from minorleaguenotebook.com.

Clement and Johnson

Lots of Seattle Mariner catching prospects have been through Appleton over the last several years. There is currently a logjam near the top and this appears to be how it is going to be solved...for now.
Mariners catcher Jeff Clement will start this season in Class AAA. He has some defensive issues to work on, notably, his throws to second base. But also his all-around game-calling. He'll get that chance playing every day down in Tacoma. Should spur some season-ticket sales there.

"Coming in, offensively I don't think he had the greatest spring,'' Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu said. "But we believe he's got a chance to be a great hitter. It's just continuing that process. I think, defensively, he made some great strides. I think it's just a little more maturity.''

Clement, a first round pick in 2005, joined the Timber Rattlers shortly after signing with Seattle and was a key member of the push to the Championship Series. The catcher before Clement got to town was Rob Johnson. What does Clement starting at Tacoma mean for him? Geoff Baker, the Seattle Times Mariner beat writer continues...

I'd imagine this means Rob Johnson has made the team and Jamie Burke will also head to Tacoma. This second part isn't official, of course. A trade could also change things. But right now, it looks like a Johnson-Kenji Johjima tandem. There's no point having Johnson and Clement fighting for playing time in the minors. Burke could fill his usual backup role with the Rainiers.

The Chain reaction does not stop there. Adam Moore, a member of the '06 Rattlers, looked like he might start 2009 at Triple-A...

I'd also imagine Adam Moore starts off at Class AA, not AAA as had been expected when camp began. As we told you the other day, the team's priority is to get these young guys everyday playing time.

It will be interesting to see what Seattle does with all of these catchers. It will also be interesting to see Johnson if he catches Carlos Silva at any point during the season.

Johnson, by the way, got into a heated dugout exchange with Carlos Silva during yesterday's game against the Angels. Wakamatsu told me it was only a brief exchange and was dealt with immediately and no lingering problems resulted.

Ex-Rattlers in Spring Training (3/29)

Red Sox 3, Phillies 1

Ex-Rattlers for Philadelphia:
Greg Dobbs ('02): 0-for-1
Raul Ibanez (Foxes, '93, '94): 3-for-4

Orioles 5, Mets 1

Ex-Rattlers for Baltimore:
Adam Jones ('04): 2-for-3, 2 runs

Yankees 9, Pirates 8

Ex-Rattler for New York:
Damaso Marte ('96): 2/3IP, 2H, R

White Sox 9, Diamondbacks 6

Ex-Rattler for Chicago:
Matt Thornton ('99, '00): IP, 2H, R, 2K

Brewers 1, Giants 0

Ex-Rattler for Milwaukee:
Lindsay Gulin ('98): IP, H, 0R

Padres 7, Dodgers 3

Ex-Rattlers for San Diego:
Cha Seung Baek ('00): 3-1/3IP, 5H, 2R, 2 BB, 2K, Win
Chris Snelling ('00): 0-for-1

Mariner Exhibition Game (3/29)

Royals 17, Mariners 12

Ex-Rattlers for Seattle:
Wladimir Balentien ('04): 0-for-1, run
Mike Wilson ('05): 0-for-1
Brent Johnson ('05): 0-for-1
Denny Stark ('97): 1-1/3IP, H, R, BB
Shawn Kelley ('07, '08): IP, H, BB, 2K


In response to a comment

Thanks to The Kid for responding in the comments, but to put a semi-official stamp on what he said.

Ticket packages were going out all last week.

In fact, the US Postal Service may actually run at a profit this month. This is because the conference room was clogged up with...I mean, the ticket office personnel were hard at work in the conference room getting those ticket-stuffed envelopes out to you...the fans of the Timber Rattlers.

They probably would have been out sooner, but for some reason there were a lot more that needed to be sorted and sent out this year.

Wonder why that was.

11 dies insquequo Oris Dies!

A Timber Rattler fan blog

Mission Statement over at TRatsBaseball.com.
I got to talking last season with two buddies of mine who also are big time T-Rats fans about launching some sort of Rattler fan site. And while we enjoyed following the young Mariners farmhands, things got kicked up a notch when the Rattlers joined forces with our hometown Milwaukee Brewers. That was the little boost we needed to make this site a reality. We are aware there is other Timber Rattler coverage out there. The team's official website www.timberrattlers.com provides tons of info on the team. The team's radio announcer, Chris Mehring, does an outstanding job with his blog "Rattler Radio". Sportsbubbler.com, milb.com and the Appleton Post Crescent also provide coverage, we aren't here to compete with them, but rather to complement the great work they already do. What can I say, we love the game of baseball, so the more coverage available the better. That being said, this is a blog for a reason. We are just fans. Not experts, not professionals. We will do our best to provide updates on the team and some fresh insight, but we have lives, and jobs, and girlfriends, and other responsibilities; so if the site goes a day here and there without an update, please be patient.
First, nice job mentioning Mehring to get a link. He's got an ego on him. Second, third, fourth, and fifth: Lives? Jobs? Girlfriends? Patience?

Welcome to the Party, Pal.

March 28 Timber Rattler Spring Training Game

From brewerfan.net, just follow the link for the Rattler part of the boxscore. Here is a wrtire up of the game against Lake County.
Lake County roughed up Wisconsin, 9-1. The Timber Rattlers offense was quiet, managing only four hits. Brock Kjeldgaard was the lone bright spot, going 3-for-3 with a double and he scored the Rattlers lone run. Wily Peralta got the loss, allowing six runs and eight hits in three and two-thirds innings pitched

Fifth Third Burger, a review!

Darren Rovell received the ingredients for the Fifth Third Burger from the Whitecaps. Then, he assembled it. Then, he ate it in front of Jim Cramer and I believe Erin Burnett. Then, he gave a review, in which he LIES! LIES! LIES!

He did not eat the Fifth Third Burger! He tasted it! Big difference. That makes me technically correct. And if Futurama taught me anything, technically correct is the best kind of correct.

Sorry about all the whitespace above the video. It came with the embed code....That's what see said!

That's a heck of an idea

In the spirit of Midwest League teams ripping off ideas from the Chicago Cubs, TinCaps...you're next.
TinCaps fans can now get a Wrigley Field experience without leaving Fort Wayne, and at a Fort Wayne price. For Opening Weekend, including Friday, April 17, Saturday, April 18 and Sunday, April 19, fans can purchase individual “all you can eat” tickets in the Treetops Rooftop area. The TinCaps will also be having “Treetops Tuesdays” allowing the rooftop, which is primarily a “groups only” area, to be available for individual fans on Tuesday nights all season long.

“We had a lot of people calling, asking how they could get up on the rooftop for a game,” said TinCaps President Mike Nutter. “It became clear that there was a lot interest in this section, so we wanted to find a way to allow those fans, not coming with larger groups, to experience this unique area.”

Individual tickets for Treetops will be $32.00 each. The price includes a rooftop ticket, along with an all-you-can-eat menu...
That price may seem steep, but consider that the rooftop packages at Wrigley can cost over $200.

How excited is Fort Wayne's Director of Group Sales?
“This will be unlike any other picnic that fans have ever experienced in Fort Wayne,” commented Brad Shank, Director of Groups Sales for the TinCaps. “All food will be cooked fresh on the rooftop and the menu will rotate so that a new entrĂ©e will be served every couple of innings. Bring your appetite!”
he exclaimed! and he's not done...
“Our goal was to offer a “Wrigley Rooftop” atmosphere, while keeping it affordable for our fans,” said Shank. “And the views here are even better, you won’t be across the street, you are still right in the ballpark!”

Ex-Rattlers in Spring Training (3/28)

Orioles 10, Cardinals 6

Ex-Rattler for Baltimore:
Adam Jones ('04): 1-for-4, run, HR, 2RBI

Ex-Rattler for Cardinals:
Ryan Franklin (Foxes, '94): 2IP, 3H, 2R, K

Red Sox 9, Twins 4

Ex-Rattler for Boston:
David Ortiz ('96): 1-for-3, R, HR, 2RBI

Yankees 6, Braves 4

Ex-Rattler for Yankees:
Justin Leone ('00): defensive replacement

Pirates 10, Phillies 4

Ex-Rattler for Pittsburgh:
Ramon Vazquez ('96, '97): 0-for-3

Diamondback 5, Indians 3

Ex-Rattlers for Cleveland:
Asdrubal Cabrera ('05): 0-for-4
Shin Soo Choo ('01, '02): 1-for-4

Padres 11, Giants 10

Ex-Rattler for San Diego:
Chris Snelling ('00): pinch hit walk

Mariner Exhibition Game (3/28)

Angels 16, Mariners 9

Ex-Rattlers for Seattle:
Brent Johnson ('05): 0-for-2
Wladimir Balentien ('04): 0-for-3, run, RBI
Rob JOhnson ('05): 1-for-3, 2 runs
Jeff Clement ('05): 1-for-1, 2RBI
Mike Wilson ('05): 1-for-4, run, RBI
Caesar Jimenez ('03): IP, 0H, 0R, K

EX-Rattler for Los Angeles:
Brian Fuentes ('97): IP, 2H, R, 2K


Friday's Timber Rattler spring training game

Just posted to Brewerfan.net.
Fort Wayne downed Wisconsin, 6-4. John Delaney went 2-for-2 with a double, while Derrick McPhearson and Michael Roberts added two hits each. Jake Odorizzi was touched for four runs in two innings of work.
Timber Rattler boxscore at the link. Sorry, Fort Wayne readers. You'll have to get your own source.

12 dies insquequo Oris Dies!

New poll

In the spirit of fun, this week's poll is based on this:

Voting open until next week. You should have the song out of your head by that time.

12 dies insquequo Oris Dies!

Remember that Miller Park game?

Ben Hill did. And here is a story about minor league teams playing the stadiums of their parent clubs....(Are there enough plurals in that sentence?).

It starts out with the Chiefs and their Wrigley Field game last year.
The first-ever "Road to Wrigley" contest pitted the Cubs-affiliated Peoria Chiefs against the Kane County Cougars (A's), and a Midwest League-record crowd of 32,103 witnessed the event. While much has been written about what the game meant to the players, it was also a transformative experience for the Chiefs' front-office staff. The club's employees were given the chance to bring their Class A antics to a Major League environment -- in effect, showing Chicago how they play in Peoria.
Is it a Midwest League record? I'll have to check the Midwest League Record book at the office. Or, I can ask Nathan Baliva, radio broadcaster for the Chiefs. So, Nate, is it a Midwest League record?

The Cubs' dedication to the concept was exemplified by the fact that they gave the Chiefs' front office and game day staff free reign at the ballpark. As a result, Wrigley Field -- that most hallowed of baseball cathedrals - temporarily took on a circus-like atmosphere.

"We sent down our promo crew, our interns, our video camera operators, our mascot, pretty much everybody," said Baliva. "I did my pregame show right there on the field, and during the game we had dizzy bat races, Frisbees and water balloons. Birdzerk and the Zooperstars were there too. We just pretended like we were in Peoria on a Tuesday night."

Not what I asked. Wait. Not my interview. Back to the story.

Ben also talked with the boss about that game on April 24.

"The decision [to play in Miller Park] was a no-brainer," remarked Timber Rattlers president Rob Zerjav. "It's a great way to get exposure for our new relationship. We're located just 100 miles away [from Milwaukee], and we really want people to say 'Hey, that's our Class A affiliate now, let's go up there and check out a game.'"

"The Brewers will be handling all of [the in-game entertainment]," said Zerjav. "They're ahead of the curve, with the racing sausages and all that kind of stuff. They're handling every facet of the game operations."

Nor do the Timber Rattlers stand to gain much financially.

"Basically, the Brewers are buying the game from us," said Zerjav. "They're taking the risk, and reaping the reward. We're being compensated for the revenue we lose; we looked at the numbers from the last five years and calculated our average on a Friday in April."

Also in the article, Lowell Spinners General Manager Tim Bawmann. Tim was the GM for the Quad City River Bandits and is a UW-Platteville Alum. He is interviewed because of the Boston Red Sox and their Futures at Fenway program.

"Futures at Fenway" is a non-traditional doubleheader in that it features two Red Sox affiliates. This year it will feature the Eastern League's Portland Sea Dogs in one game and the Pawtucket Red Sox in the other. Thus far, Red Sox affiliates have gone 6-0 at Fenway -- including three victories by the New York-Penn League's Lowell Spinners.

"In our case, it actually ends up costing a bit to play at Fenway," wrote Spinners general manager Tim Bawmann in an email. "We don't receive the same amount of ticket revenue and concession revenue that we would if we actually played in Lowell, but the exposure we receive is tenfold ahead of a normal home game. The game is also televised live on NESN prior to a Red Sox night game. The television exposure alone is magnificent."

And, of course, there are aspects of the experience that can't be reduced to dollars and cents.

"Over the past three years, I've traveled with the team on the bus to Fenway," wrote Bawmann. "Can you imagine? A short-season [Class] A ballclub pulling into the famed Fenway gates, the same gates such notable players as Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron have passed through. Can you say 'priceless?'"

I'm a UWP grad. Of course I can say 'priceless'. I got three credits for saying it in a sophomore level communications class my senior year.

Miller Park tickets are available here.

The people have spoken!

Thank you for voting in the first Rattler Radio poll. You have confirmed what I already know.

Now was the perfect time
3 (12%)
Right before Opening Day '09
2 (8%)
Last September
11 (44%)
Never. I hate Tom Servo's new voice!!!
9 (36%)

I think too much.

Last September it is! K-9, to the TARDIS!

Report from the Desert

Here is the Brewerfan.net report on a Thursday Spring Training game between the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers and the Lake County Captains. Lake C0unty is the South Atlantic League affiliate of the Cleveland Indians. The Captains will be joining the Midwest League in 2010.
Wisconsin edged Lake County, 6-5. Young southpaw Efrain Nieves gave the Timber Rattlers a fine start, posting three perfect innings, striking out five. Carlos George, Erik Miller, and Edgar Trejo each collected two base hits. Cody Adams struggled with control issues in his one inning; the other five Wisconsin pitchers struck out 16 and walked only one in their eight innings of work.
If there is a post on Friday's game before I'm done updating, I'll post a link to it.

Ex-Rattlers in Spring Training (3/27)

Braves 3, Tigers 2

Ex-Rattler for Atlanta:
Eric O'Flaherty ('04, '05): IP, 0H, 0R, 2K

Astros 6, Phillies 5

Ex-Rattler for Philadelphia:
Raul Ibanez (Foxes, '93, '94): 2-for-3

Red Sox 11, Cardinals 8

Ex-Rattler for Boston:
David Ortiz ('96): 2-for-4, RBI

Giants 10, Indians 3

Ex-Rattler for Cleveland:
Asdrubal Cabrera ('05): 1-for-3

Royals 4, Dodgers 1

Ex-Rattler for Kansas City:
Gil Meche ('98): 7IP, 4H, 0R, BB, 6K, Win

Yankees 4, Reds 1

Ex-Rattler for New York:
Justin Leone ('00): 0-for-1

Padres 5, Athletics 2

Ex-Rattler for San Diego:
Chris Snelling ('00): Defensive replacement

Mariner Exhibition Game (3/27)

Colorado 8, Seattle 3

Ex-Rattlers for Seattle:

Wladimir Balentien ('04): 0-for-1
Jeff Clement ('05): 1-for-1
Mike Wilson ('05): 1-for-2
Shawn Kelley ('07, '08): 2IP, 2H, 0R


As in "Here".

Might have been the last Saturday to sleep in for a while so, I did. Blogging begins....NOW!


Video Evidence

Previously, there had been only photographs and descriptions. But, now...courtesy of The Grand Rapids Press...video evidence of a Fifth Third Burger and how it is built.

I'm hungry.

13 dies insquequo Oris Dies!

Report from the Desert

A report on Wednesday's Timber Rattler Spring Training Game. They played the Kannapolis Intimidators, the Low A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox.

Kanapolis 10, Wisconsin 6

Writeup from Brewerfan.net:
Kannapolis beat up on Wisconsin, 10-6. Kris Dabrowiecki received most of the damage, getting tagged for eight runs in a little over an inning of work. Evan Frederickson worked the first four innings, allowing only a run. Mike Marseco collected three hits for Wisconsin, and John Delaney added a home run and a triple. Brett Lawrie homered and singled, Steve Braun doubled twice, and Erik Miller doubled and singled.
The Timber Rattlers were scheduled to play the Lake County Captains yesterday. I may update this post later today if I have time.

Ex-Rattlers in Spring Training (3/26)

Marlins 11, Orioles 6

Ex-Rattler for Baltimore:
Adam Jones ('04): 3-for-4, HR, 2 runs, 2 RBI

Yankees 10, Phillies 2

Ex-Rattler for New York:
Justin Leone ('00): 0-for-1

Ex-Rattler for Philadelphia:
Raul Ibanez (Foxes, '94): 0-for-2

Mets 9, Cardinals 5

Ex-Rattler for New York:
JJ Putz ('00): IP, 0H, 0R, K

Angels 8, Indians 5

Ex-Rattler for Los Angeles:
Brian Fuentes 9'97): IP, 0H, 0R

Ex-Rattler for Cleveland:

Shin Soo Choo ('00): 0-for-3, 2 runs

Diamondbacks 3, White Sox 1

Ex-Rattler for Chicago:
Matt Thornton ('99, '00): 2IP, 2H, 0R

Mariner Exhibition Game (3/26)

Mariners 10, Royals 9

Ex-Rattlers for Seattle:
Wladimir Balentien ('04): 0-for-2
Rob Johnson ('05): 0-for-1
Felix Hernandez ('03): 6IP, 12H, 7R, 2BB, 6K
Mark Lowe ('05): IP, 3H, 2R, Win


A little Video Board Action

Look what was being tested yesterday.

Click for a larger image. Right on schedule, too. Because....

14 dies insquequo Oris Dies!

Look who's blogging now!

Brett Christopherson, the once and future Timber Rattler beat writer from the Post-Crescent, has a blog. It's called...um, The Post-Crescent's Timber Rattler Blog? Come on, guys.

His latest post is here and it is titled Lawrie to Wisconsin?. A taste.

One of the more common questions following September's player development agreement between the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers and Milwaukee Brewers has been this:

Will Brett Lawrie wear Rattlers gear this season?

Baseball America thinks so. The publication, as part of its annual Prospect Handbook, projects the 19-year-old second baseman to make his professional debut this season at Wisconsin.

"Lawrie is an exceptional hitter, especially for his age, with a quick bat, aggressive nature and burgeoning power," Baseball America said.

The scouting report closed with this prediction: "He should hit enough to be a big league regular at any position."

Lawrie...Lawrie...That reminds me. You know who else has a blog now? Brett Lawrie. It's called Laying Down the Lawrie

His first post goes a little something like this:

Hey. This is Brett Lawrie. I was asked to do this blog and thought it might be worth a shot, so here goes. Was told I could talk about anything as the 2009 season moved forward, which I liked.

2008 was a busy year, for sure. Tons of travel, many baseball teams, lots of fishbowls. All the predraft events. Team Canada. The Draft. World Juniors. Olympics. Instructs. Training in Az. While I really like pressure, it is certain that 2009 will be a simpler year with far less running around - I can finally focus on playing games almost every day. This is exactly what I live for.

In the comments, he is asked if he knows where he is going to be assigned. No answer yet.

THIS made the Chicago Daily Herald

Buried in the middle of a notes column titled New judge knows how to play ball there is this "item"...
He'll need energy: Spotted along the Fox River trail: Kane County Cougars media relations coordinator Shawn Touney getting in a 10-mile run on a nice Saturday morning.

He'll need to be in good shape to make his way around the Elfstrom Stadium complex, with its new additions and the second deck.
Thanks, Shawn. You are making the path to that Fifth Third Burger look so much better. Or, was it you? Your last name is spelled Tourney, after all.

Prospects in Cleveland

This one has a little something for the new readers and a little something for the old readers. It's MiLB.com's look at the Cleveland minor league system.
[N]ot all of those prospects started their careers with the Indians. The farm features an impressive balance of homegrown prospects, acquired either via the draft or as international signs, as well as talented youngsters acquired via trades.

In fact, three of the players on the Indians' current Top 10 -- outfielders Matt LaPorta and Michael Brantley and catcher Carlos Santana -- came to the club last summer in a pair of deals for established stars (CC Sabathia and Casey Blake).
That's for the new Brewer fans who are checking in on the blog.

And in Under the Radar category here is the ex-Rattler tie-in for you longtime readers:
Luis Valbuena, 2B:
Yet another promising player acquired via trade within the last year, the 23-year-old came over from Seattle in a three-team trade. A left-handed hitter, he made his big league debut last year with 49 at-bats with the Mariners after hitting .303 with 11 home runs, 60 RBIs and 18 steals between Double-A West Tenn and Triple-A Tacoma. That was quite a turnaround from 2007 when he had similar power numbers but batted just .239.
Valbuena was a Rattler in 2006.

Didn't they...Wasn't that supposed...Isn't there???

It was just over a year ago (March 15, 2008) that this post -- with a HUGE misspelling in the title -- made this announcement.
A new era has begun for the Cedar Rapids Kernels Baseball Club. The Cedar Rapids Kernels and Dale and Thomas Popcorn announced today a five-year field naming rights partnership. The field at Veterans Memorial Stadium will be named the “Dale and Thomas Popcorn Field at Veterans Memorial Stadium”.

At the press conference held today, Kernels President Tom Barbee officially announced the partnership between Dale and Thomas Popcorn and the Kernels.
Five years...That would be 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012...Or, maybe not...
Call it a perfect fit.

The Cedar Rapids Kernels and Perfect Game USA announced a five-year field naming rights partnership at a press conference on Wednesday. The field at Veterans Memorial Stadium will be renamed the "Perfect Game Field at Veterans Memorial Stadium."
Why the change? This may answer it.
Tom Barbee, president of the Kernels' board of directors, said the club was informed in January by Dale and Thomas Popcorn — which sells prepackaged gourmet popcorn items — that because of tough economic times, the New Jersey company wanted out of its naming rights deal. The dissolution was finalized March 12.

"I think it was amicable," Barbee said. "We wish them the best, they wish us the best. Unfortunately, it was a time when things didn't work out."

Barbee and [GM Jack] Roeder didn't have to go far to find a new partner. Perfect Game USA began as strictly a local endeavor, a place for Iowa youths to hone skills, work out during the winter and get noticed by college coaches and professional scouts.
Good to see the Kernels land on their feet.

A life of its own

The Fifth Third Burger is getting the Whitecaps some publicity. And Ben Hill is there to stoke the fires!
Over the past 36 hours, the West Michigan Whitecaps' Fifth Third Burger has morphed from a local curiosity into a nationwide phenomenon. It just goes to show -- no country appreciates a giant sandwich as much as America.
Yes. I am proud to be an American! And I mean that in an non-ironic way.
Now, as a conscientious journalist, I hate to inject myself into the story. But it must be done in this case, because what happened next is this: On March 11, after being alerted to the Fifth Third burger's existence, I contacted the Whitecaps and asked for photographic evidence. Promotions coordinator Brian Oropallo sent along a picture, which I featured in Ben's Biz Blog.

That would have been it, except that CNBC sports business reporter (and fellow blogger) Darren Rovell noticed the post and decided to take things a step further. He obtained nutritional information about the burger and went on to brazenly declare it the "Minor League Concession Item of the Year."

This was the start of a truly remarkable chain reaction, as the burger has now been featured throughout the national media. Due to the efforts of media behemoths such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated and the Associated Press (as well as innumerable blogs, message boards and radio stations) the Fifth Third Burger turned into an overnight sensation. The Whitecaps are happy to be the recipients of so much attention, but it certainly wasn't anything they ever expected.


ESPN? Really? I don't believe that. Show me.

Anyway...The the most important question I have has been answered!

[T]he Whitecaps will award a commemorative t-shirt to any fan that is able to do so. The front of the shirt features a huge photo of the Fifth Third Burger, while the back proudly lists its nutritional information.
That is going to look so sweet in my T-Shirt closet.

Reports from the desert

This is a report from Brewerfan.net on the game between the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers and the Great.Lakes.Loons from Tuesday.
Wisconsin defeated Great Lakes, 9-6. Chris Dennis and Brett Lawrie had three hits apiece to lead the Timber Rattlers 13-hit attack. Cody Scarpetta struck out five in his three innings, allowing two runs. Wily Peralta bounced back from a rough debut outing, working four innings (59 pitches), allowing two runs.
The Timber Rattler portion of the boxscore is here.

Ex-Rattlers in Spring Training (3/25)

Indians 8, Padres 4

Ex-Rattler for Cleveland:
Asdrubal Cabrera ('05): 1-for-3, run, RBI

Ex-Rattler for San Diego:
Chris Snelling ('00): 0-for-1

Astros 4, Cardinals 3

Ex-Rattler for St. Louis:
Joel Pineiro ('98): 5IP, 6H, 2R, BB, 5K

Brewers 12, Dodgers 8

Ex-Rattler for Milwaukee:
Lindsay Gulin ('98): IP, 0H, 0R, 2K

Rays 4, Pirates 2

Ex-Rattler for Pittsburgh:
Ramon Vazquez ('96, '97): 1-for-3, run



This is just part of a continuing series to inform new readers about the promotions going on in Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium for 2009.

It's a new promotion on Wednesdays this season. Win-It Wednesday! What's that?
Scratch-offs, bingo, raffle drawings and more!
Just win, baby! It's that simple.

15 dies insquequo Oris Dies!

Report from the desert

Mass Haas is doing DiMaggio's work in the forums at brewerfan.net. He has managed to track down some stats and scores from minor league spring training games involving possible Timber Rattlers.

This is from Monday's game, a 6-5 loss to the Lake County Captains, Cleveland's South Atlantic League affiliate.
Lake County hung on to beat Wisconsin, 6-5. The Timber Rattlers loaded the bases with one out in the ninth, but the rally was squelched by a double play. Jake Odorizzi was solid in his two innings of work, striking out four hitters and not allowing a baserunner. Mike Marseco had three hits to lead Wisconsin.
Timber Rattler boxscore is in this post.

The Rattlers played the Great.Lakes.Loons yesterday.

"I feel like right now, that, not too many people like me"

Who could have possibly said that? For once, Mehring is not an option for your answer. The full quote...
I mean, look, I feel like right now, that, not too many people like me, so I've given up on that. As long as my teammates like me, and they respect me, and my two daughters love their Daddy, I'm going to go out and do the very best I can. Look, I really screwed up, and for that I'm sorry. I'm just happy to be playing baseball again.
Here is a hint. It's from a TV show titled...Yankees 2009: Pride, Power & Pinstripes Season Preview Special.

I feel like right now, that, not too many people like the title of that show.

Click on the white space below and drag the cursor for the answer. If you really need to know.

Alex Rodriguez (Foxes, '94)

I think I'll weigh 350 by the end of the season.

if they keep going at this rate.

First, there's the Fifth Third Burger in West Michigan. Coverage of which, by the way, has gone national. Just remember who was one of the first to have it...way back on February 1.

Now...Skyline Chili at Fifth Third Field in Dayton.
There’s nothing like a cold beer and a hot dog at a baseball game. Unless you are able to top the hot dog with Skyline Chili and cheese, which fans will be able to do this season at Dayton’s Fifth Third Field.

Alan Riney, vice president of marketing for Skyline Chili, said there will be a stand along the first base side of the field serving up Cincinnati-style cheese coneys.

“We were looking for an opportunity to become more of a core part of the fabric of Dayton,” Riney said.
Maybe 375. Hey. Everyone's gotta have a goal.

Ex-Rattlers in Spring Training (3/24)

Astros 8, Mets 0

Ex-Rattler for New York:
Rene Rivera ('03): 0-for-1

Phillies 7, Blue Jays 6

Ex-Rattler for Philadelphia:
Raul Ibanez (Foxes, '93, '94)

Nationals 3, Orioles 1

Ex-Rattler for Baltimore:
Adam Jones ('04): 1-for-3

Angels 10, Padres 5

Ex-Rattlers for San Diego:
Chris Snelling ('00): 1-for-1
Cha Seung Baek ('00): 4-2/3IP, 9H, 9R, 3BB, 4K

Pirates 5, Braves 2

Ex-Rattler for Atlanta:
Rafael Soriano ('00): IP, 2H, 2R, 0ER, 3K

Yankees 7, Red Sox 1

Ex-Rattler for New York:
Damaso Marte ('96): 2/3IP, H, 0R, BB, K

Ex-Rattler for Boston:
David Ortiz ('96): 1-for-3, RBI

Mariner Exhibition Games (3/24)

Tuesday was a split squad day for the Mariners.

Game one:

Mariners 7, Rangers 7

Ex-Rattlers for Seattle:
*Brent Johnson ('05): 1-for-2, RBI
Caesar Jimenez ('03): IP, 3H, R

*-Johnson pinch hit for Ken Griffey, Jr. in the 6th inning.

Game Two:
Mariners 8, Dodgers 6

Ex-Rattlers for Seattle:
Wladimir Balentien ('04): 1-for-4, 3B, 2RBI
Jeff Clement ('05): 1-for-4
Matt Tuiasosopo ('05): 1-for-4
Mike Wilson ('05): 0-for-2, run, 2 BBs
Ryan Rowland-Smith ('02, '03): 5IP, 5H, 3R, BB, 2K, 2 Homers allowed
Shawn Kelley ('07, '08): IP, H, 0R, Save



This is just part of a continuing series to inform new readers about the promotions going in Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium for 2009.

Sundays this season are Brewers Sundays.

Players will be wearing Brewer inspired jerseys. I'll have to find a picture of one and add it to this post later today.

Are you a Time Warner Cable subscriber? Well if you are....1/2 price reserved seat tickets (maximum of four) with a Time Warner Cable bill presented at the ticket windows.

Also, there is catch on the field before the game and a player autograph session scheduled for after the game.

Sundays are going to be pretty good days to catch a Timber Rattler game.

16 dies insquequo Oris Dies!

Reports from the desert

Late yesterday, I was pointed to Brewerfan.net for reports on minor league spring training games from Arizona.

Before I do this, keep in mind that players on the spring training roster for the Timber Rattlers will not necessarily be on the Opening Day roster.

Here is where the thread starts.

Pulling out details on games marked Timber Rattlers:

Box score of an 11-2 win over Great Lakes.

Brief write up by Mass Haas:
The Timber Rattlers picked up their first spring win in convincing fashion, pounding the Great Lakes Loons, 11-2. Brock Kjeldgaard led the Timber Rattlers' balanced attack with two hits, including a triple. Mike Marseco, Erik Komatsu, and Kjeldgaard each scored twice for Wisconsin. On the pitching side, Kris Dabrowiecki, Liam Ohlmann, and Nick Tyson all posted scoreless outings.
Boxscore of an 8-2 loss to Cedar Rapids.

Writeup from Mass Haas:
Wisconsin dropped its spring opener, 8-2, to the Cedar Rapids Kernels. Cody Scarpetta was the bright spot on the pitching side, tossing 2.2 innings of scoreless relief. Erik Miller collected two hits, including a double, to lead the Timber Rattlers offense.
Boxscore of a 9-8 loss to Cedar Rapids.

MH writeup:
Cedar Rapids edged Wisconsin, 9-8. Wisconsin's seven errors played a large role in the close loss. The T-Rats offense was solid, pounding out 14 hits. Michael Vass collected three hits, while Erik Miller, Brett Lawrie, and Derrick Alfonso each had two.
According to the next post, the Timber Rattlers played the Lake County Captains Monday. Details to follow.

I'm getting that T-Shirt

Darren Rovell has a blog post about my White Whale. He went and upped the ante by calling it his Minor League Concession Item of the Year and added that it is the most caloric item ever offered at a ballpark...whatever that means.

The team says it feeds one to four people and sells for $20, and if a person finishes the Fifth Third Burger in one sitting, the team will offer up a Fifth Third Burger T-shirt.
Mickey Graham, the team's director of marketing and media relations, told us that they came up with this burger because it's something fun that people can understand.
Oh, I understand. I understand that it's going down.

The Whitecaps had better understand that my T-shirt size is XXL.

Oh, and this is supposed to scare me?!?!?!

Fifth Third Burger Nutritional Value

Calorie 4889 244%
Total Fat 299g 460%
Sat. Fat 199g 597%
Cholesterol 744mg 248%
Sodium 10,887mg 454%
Total Carbs 354g 118%
Protein 198g 105%

Game on.

Bees get their rings

Ever wondered how a minor league team gets their championship rings? Wonder no more!
With the entire Minor League camp seated on folding chairs near the Art Stewart Tower in the middle of the complex, [Burlington] Bees manager Brian Rupp and general manager Chuck Brockett also spoke about the accomplishment.

Each player and staff member was presented his ring by Royals general manager Dayton Moore. In the crowd were Royals Hall of Famers Willie Wilson, John Mayberry and Dennis Leonard, who are guest instructors for the Minor Leaguers.

"Our organization is very proud of what this team did in 2008 and see it as a springboard to many championships in Kansas City," Picollo said.
That's great. But, this is the best part.
With that, the Minor Leaguers dispersed and went onto the adjacent fields. After all, it was 9 a.m. and time to go to work.
Life in the minor leagues.

World Baseball Classic (3/23)

The WBC Championship Game:

Japan5 Korea 3 (10 ininngs)

Ex-Rattler for Korea:
Shin Soo Choo ('01, '02): 1-for-4, HR, RBI

Here are the highlights from ESPN...including Choo's second homer of this version of the Final Four.

Wow. That is one creepy looking freeze frame.

Ex-Rattlers in Spring Training (3/23)

Red Sox 7, Tigers 6

Ex-Rattler for Boston:
David Ortiz ('96): 2-for-3

Phillies 8, Yankees 3

Ex-Rattler for Philadelphia:
Raul Ibanez (Foxes, '93, '94): 3-for-3, run, RBI

Pirates 4, Rays 1

Ex-Rattler for Pittsburgh:
Ramon Vazquez ('96, '97): 1-for-4

Padres 9, Royals 7

Ex-Rattler for San Diego:
Chris Snelling ('00): 0-for-1

Rockies 7, Brewers 1

Ex-Rattler for Milwaukee:
Lindsay Gulin ('98): IP, 2H, R

Mariner Exhibition Game (3/23)

Mariners 5, Giants 1

Ex-Rattlers for Seattle:
Wladimir Balentien ('04): 2-for-3, run, HR, 3RBI
Matt Tuiasosopo ('05): 0-for-3
Rob Johnson ('05): 2-for-3, 2 runs
Jeff Clement ('05): pinch hit walk
Brent Johnson ('05): pinch runner
Denny Stark ('97): IP, H, 0R, K, 0BB



I'm not talking about the horrible ABC ripoff of Saturday Night Live.

This is just part of a continuing series to inform new readers about the promotions going in Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium for 2009.

Every Friday this season is a Family Night. Kids 12 and under eat free -- they get a hot dog and soda voucher to turn in at a concession stand. Kids get to run the bases after the game, too.

Friday night Fireworks begin on June 5.

17 dies insquequo Oris Dies!

This would be funnier if...

the Badgers had won yesterday.

I'm filing this under "New to me"

For the complete -- and by the complete, I mean the neverending version -- go here.

If I am feeling especially evil, I may make a push for this to be on the videoboard at some time this season. No explanation. Just this for an entire break between innings. The Snake ties it all in with the Timber Rattlers, no?

It'll work itself out fine. All we need is just a little patience

Why the G-N-R lyric? What else can I go with when faced with this headline?

Wladimir Balentien shows better patience after late arrival to spring training

Taking his time is something Wladimir Balentien has forced himself to do since his spring training began.

Some might joke that the Curacao native was already doing that beforehand, seeming to take most of February just to make it to Mariners camp. A well-documented visa problem, caused by his ripping out wet pages from his passport that a cousin had dunked in water, led to his getting stuck in Venezuela and arriving in Arizona nearly two weeks late.

And now, he's trying to impress a new coaching staff in a short time period with his left-field job having been all-but-handed to Endy Chavez. But even though Balentien says he has tried to catch up by working harder, the second-year major-leaguer insists he isn't about to rush things to prove himself in limited time.

"That's a mistake I made last year," said Balentien, who had two singles in a 5-3 loss for the Mariners to the Chicago Cubs on Sunday. "I tried to do more than I could do and I didn't get results."

Need a little patience, yeah
Just a little patience, yeah
Some more patience

World Baseball Classic (3/22)

Japan 9, USA 4

Ex-Rattler for USA:
Matt Thornton ('98, '99, '00): IP, 0H, 0R, 3K

It will be Japan vs. Korea for the title tonight.

Korea has Shin Soo Choo ('01, '02) as the only Rattler alum left in the WBC.

Ex-Rattlers in Spring Training (3/22)

Cardinals 5, Orioles 4

Ex-Rattler for Baltimore:
Adam Jones ('04): 2-for-5, 2 runs

Ex-Rattler for St. Louis:
Ryan Franklin (Foxes, '94): IP, H, 0R, 2K

Rays 5, Yankees 0

Ex-Rattlers for New York:
Justin Leone ('00): 0-for-1
Damaso Marte ('96): IP, 0H, 0R, BB

Red Sox 3, Phillies 0

Ex-Rattler for Boston:
David Ortiz ('96): 1-for-2, run, BB

Ex-Rattler for Philadelphia:
Raul Ibanez (Foxes, '93, '94): 1-for-3

Mets 12, Braves 1

Ex-Rattler for New York:
Rene Rivera ('03): 0-for-3

Ex-Rattler for Atlanta:
Eric O'Flaherty ('04, '05): 2/3IP, 9H, 9R, K

Diamondbacks 12, Padres 7

Ex-Rattler for San Diego:
Chris Snelling ('00): 0-for-2

Rockies 4, Indians 3

Ex-Rattler for Cleveland:
Asdrubal Cabrera ('05): 2-for-2, BB, run

Mariner Exhibition Game (3/22)

Cubs 5, Mariners 3

Ex-Rattlers for Seattle:
Wladimir Balentien ('04): 2-for-3
Jeff Clement ('05): 0-for-1
Mike Wilson ('05): 1-for-4, HR, RBI
Jeffrey Dominguez ('06): pinch runner, run
Mark Lowe ('05): 2-1/3IP, 2H, R
Caesar Jimenez ('03): 1/3IP, 2H, 3R, 2BB, loss



For the new readers out there, there will be a series of posts over the next few weeks to let you know about some of the promotions at Timber Rattler games this season.

Mondays were switched over to Qdoba Q'Mondays. What does that mean?
Purchase a Qdoba entree on any Monday game day at the Fox River Mall location and receive a free Monday game ticket.
Pretty simple way to get a ticket to a Timber Rattler game.

First chance to take advantage of this is April 13.

18 dies insquequo Oris Dies!

"I think he's pretty close."

That is a quote from Mariner manager Don Wakamatsu about former Timber Rattler Rob Johnson ('05). It's from this Seattle Times story.
Memories of his father and co-workers shoveling a 500-yard-long path through six feet of snow helped Rob Johnson become the catcher he is today.

It was on his great-grandfather's ranch, Bear Gulch, back in his native Montana that Johnson watched his father, Bob, on a crew clearing the paths so cows could get from one haystack to another and not starve to death. Sometimes they would shovel, or else use a team of horses and a sleigh to blast through the drifts.

Johnson worked on the ranch as well through his junior year of high school, haying, piping and doing other forms of manual labor with heavy equipment that required teamwork and communication. And that experience, he said, of working with and depending on other people has helped when it comes to communicating with Mariners pitchers.

"It's the way I was brought up," he said. "I was taught to ask questions and talk to guys. It's something that my dad kind of instilled in me.

"Working on the ranch, you've got to be hand-in-hand with guys. If you don't, you're going to screw up. It's just that it could be a little more life threatening than it is on the baseball field."

And Johnson's ability to work with pitchers, block the plate and throw runners out as part of an all-around defensive package has now vaulted him into the picture when it comes to making this Mariners team.
Click through for the quote in context.

World Baseball Classic (3/21)

Korea 10, Venezuela 2

Ex-Rattler for Korea:

1-for-2, run, HR, 3RBI

See Choo's first inning homer below...eventually:

Game story from MLB.com
Korea proved yet again that the country is a burgeoning baseball power, advancing to the World Baseball Classic final with a 10-2 rout against Venezuela in the semifinals in front of 43,378 on Saturday at Dodger Stadium.

Now Korea, which also won the gold in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, will test its mettle against baseball superpower the United States or heated rival Japan in the finals at 9 p.m. ET on Monday.

Korea won behind right-hander Suk-Min Yoon, who pitched 6 1/3 strong innings, with the offense being paced by Shin-Soo Choo and Tae Kyun Kim, who both homered.

Korea jumped all over Venezuela starter Carlos Silva early, scoring five runs in the first inning, including three on a home run to center by Choo. The first four batters reached base for Korea and Venezuela made two errors in the frame, including a dropped fly ball by Bobby Abreu in right field.

Click the first link in the excerpt and there should be a more direct move to the Choo highlight.

Rattler Alumni (3/21)

Twins 2, Phillies 1

Ex-Rattler for Philadelphia:
Raul Ibanez (Foxes '93, '94): 0-for-1

Braves 12, Mets 1

Ex-Rattler for New York:

Rene Rivera ('03): 0-for-1

Pirates 6, Reds 5

Ex-Rattler for Pittsburgh:
Ramon Vazquez ('96, '97): 1-for-3, run, HR, 2 RBI

Yankees 4, Tigers 3

Ex-Rattler for New York:

Justin Leone ('00): 0-for-1

Royals 13, Diamondbacks 6

Ex-Rattler for Kansas City:

Gil Meche ('98): 3-2/3IP, 8H, 3R, 2BB, 3K

Dodgers 6, Indians 4

Ex-Rattler for Los Angeles:
Shawn Estes ('93, '94, '95): 2-2/3IP, 3H, 2R, 3K

Mariner Exhibition Games (3/21)

Mariners 8, Athletics 5

Ex-Rattlers for Seattle:
Wladimir Balentien ('04): 1-for-1
Jeff Clement ('05): 1-for-4, BB, RBI
Matt Tuiasosopo ('05): 2 runs, 2 RBI
Alex Liddi ('06, '07, '08): 0-for-1, BB
Shawn Kelley ('07, '08): IP, 0H, 0R


Notice anything different?

After about 18 months of saying that I was going to do this, I finally did it. The FREAKING SNOW outside had nothing to do with it either!

To tell the truth, I've spent the last three Saturdays trying to figure this out, but today was the day!

Labels are a bit easier to find, show off that you are a follower, take the poll. I'm going to see what else this new format can do over the next few days so that it is ready on April 9. That is only 19 days away. Which reminds me...

19 dies insquequo Oris Dies!

A different bracket

MiLB.com is running their Minor Moniker Madness bracket again. I missed the voting in the first round. But, here is the bracket for the second round of voting.

Unfortunately, ex-Rattlers Mumba Rivera and Austin Bibens-Dirkx were both knocked out in the first round.

Here is a hint to who I would like to have win...

Because -- after all -- it's Shooter's jacket!


For the new readers out there, there will be a series of posts over the next few weeks to let you know about some of the promotions at Timber Rattler games this season.

Thursdays were switched to Thirsty Thursday's last year. That would be $1 soda and $1 beer during every Thursday game this season.

Did you notice that Opening Day happens to be on a Thursday?

Another challenge

Mark Lowe ('05) is battling to be the closer for the Mariners. He is also battling something else.
Battling for the closer's job with the Mariners was already enough to take up most of Mark Lowe's time. But the reliever has also been preoccupied with something far more serious as training camp progresses.

It was a year ago that, after a spring training blood test, Lowe was first told he had Type 2 adult onset diabetes. He spent the last year trying to control his blood-sugar levels through proper diet, but rapid weight loss and occasional fatigue have since led him to reconsider.

"It got me good this past offseason," Lowe said. "I lost like 12, 13 or 14 pounds from it."

Pills he began taking a month ago failed to keep his blood sugar completely in line, so Lowe met with his doctor recently and it was decided he'll now supplement his treatment with a daily insulin shot. Lowe insists that some of his poor results this spring are unrelated to his condition. As if to back that up, he took the mound Friday and turned in one of his best performances.
Go read it all.

Welcome to the party, Pal

Owen Serey is the new Silver Hawk broadcaster. He is also the newest Midwest League broadcaster/blogger.

Title needs work, though.

Already at a better workrate than the mascot's blog. That's a good sign.

Rattler Alumni (3/20)

Marlins 7, Braves 6

Ex-Rattler for Atlanta:
Emiliano Fruto ('02): IP, 3H, 2R, Loss

Yankees 4, Twins 2

Ex-Rattler for Yankees:
Justin Leone ('00): 0-for-2

Mets 4, Orioles 0

Ex-Rattler from Mets:

Rene Rivera ('03): 0-for-2

Ex-Rattler for Orioles:
Adam Jones ('04): 2-for-5

Phillies 2, Cardinals 2

Ex-Rattlers for Philadelphia:

Greg Dobbs ('02): 0-for-1
Raul Ibanez (Foxes, '93, '94): 0-for-3

Red Sox 11, Pirates 4

Ex-Rattler for Boston:

David Ortiz ('96): 0-for-2, BB

Angels 6, Diamondbacks 1

Ex-Rattler for Los Angeles:
Brian Fuentes ('98): IP, 0H, 0R

Indians 7, Athletics 6

Ex-Rattler for Cleveland:
Aserubal Cabrera ('05): 2-for-3, run, 3RBI

Cubs 5, Padres 3

Ex-Rattler for San Diego:
Chris Snelling ('00): 0-for-2, BB

Mariner Exhibition Games (3/20)

Milwaukee 6, Seattle 5

Ex-Rattlers for Mariners:
Matt Tuiasosopo ('05): 0-for-2
Wladimir Balentien ('04): 0-for-3
Brent Johnson ('05): Pinch runner
Rob Johnson ('05): 2-for-2, 2RBI, HR
Adam Moore ('06): 1-for-1
Mike Wilson ('05): 0-for-3, run
Mark Lowe ('05): IP, H, 0R, K

Ex-Rattler for Brewers:
Lindsay Gulin ('98): 2IP, 4H, 2R, K, Save


Looking ahead

There is the possibility of picking up some new readers over the next few weeks. So, as Opening Day draws closer, I'm going to pick out some of the promotions that happen at the ballpark and explain them.

Since time is running short this morning, I'll pick the easy one.


Every Tuesday home Game during the 2009 season you get $1 Beer, $1 Soda, and $1 Hot dogs. They are very popular. How popular?

There are only nine Tuesday home games on the schedule. To make a 10-game ticket package, the team added a bonus Bang For Your Buck Night on a Wednesday later in the season.

20 dies insquequo Oris Dies!
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