How did you spend your Friday night?

The exciting life of a radio announcer after the season ends. The trailer got a much needed cleaning, but I had to stop at times to watch the Brewers game against the Giants.

Both teams batted around in the first inning and the Brewers were up 5-4 when the dust finally settled. The Brewers were up at one point 9-4 and 10-7, but the Giants went up 12-10. Somehow, the Crew rallied with three runs in the bottom of the eighth and held on for a 13-12 win.

Bonds hit a homer and drove in six, but there were some plays in left that he couldn't make and the Brewers got some runs off that.

During the telecast, I heard Daron Sutton talk about an documentary about Hank Aaron's summer in Eau Claire, Wisconsin as a member of the Eau Claire Braves in the Northern League. The name of the documentary is Henry Aaron's Summer up North.

I went to the website and it looks interesting. After going around the independent Northern League for a few summers with the Dukes, there are traces of Aaron everywhere. The stadium in Sioux Falls had a sign with his name and the year that he played in the Northern League. There are stories in Duluth about how Aaron broke a leg there and a doctor had to set it. I haven't been to Carson Park in Eau Claire, but there is a statue of Aaron in front of the Stadium.

Photo Credit: BallparkDigest

I think I have my Christmas present.

To wrap up the exciting start to the weekend, Baseball Tonight had the live coverage of Chris Young's near no-hitter for the Padres. ESPN used the Pirate announcers for the top of the eighth inning and after the first out, the Pirate announcers sounded like they were reading right out of the Padre media guide all the facts about Young. How many teams he had been with, who he was traded for, where he went to college.

A little secret, I do that to...occaisionally. I just try not to make it sound like I am.

Then, they switched to the Padre announcers for the top of the ninth. They were openly talking about the no-hitter and the fact that the Padres have never had a no-no in there history.

I have had the good fortune of calling two no-hitters for the Rattlers. JJ Putz in 2000 and Derrick Van Dusen in 2001. I mentioned the no-no both times, but in an oblique manner. Mainly as a intro to the inning in which the opponents were batting: The linescore heading into the bottom of the seventh is: Rattlers 3 runs on five hits with no errors; Kernels with zeroes across the board. Derrick Van Dusen will face hitters 2-3-4 in the inning and has struck out five while walking just two.

But, the one time the Rattlers have been no-hit in a nine inning game (at Burlington in 2004) and it has been close a few times. From about the sixth inning on, I'm talking about the opposing pitcher's bid at the no-hitter.

Does that make me a homer? Pretty obvious, isn't it?

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