Baseball History -- December 17

Complete entry for December 17 is at BaseballLibrary.com HERE.

Highlighted entries:
The owners announce they will increase contributions to the players' pension fund by $1 million to $5.1 million per year. Players vote down the proposal 491–7.

When a vote is this lopsided, I wonder who made the seven votes for the proposal.
In a tax-avoidance scheme, the NY Yankees sell
Yankee Stadium and Kansas City properties for $6.5 million in a deal with Johnson Corp and the Knights of Columbus, who immediately lease the property back to the Yanks.

I wonder if this would work for me and the trailer.
National League President
John Heydler's designated hitter idea gets the backing of John McGraw, but the American League is against it.

McGraw being for the DH is interesting, because he never seemed to be they guy who would be in favor of it.
American League votes to allow pitchers who used the spitball in 1920 to continue using it as long as they are in the league. The National League will do the same. There will be 17 designated spitters in all, eight in the NL and nine in the AL. For the NL: Bill Doak, Phil Douglas, Dana Fillingim, Ray Fisher, Marvin Goodwin, Burleigh Grimes, Clarence Mitchell, and Dick Rudolph. For the AL: A.W. Ayers, Slim Caldwell, Stan Coveleski, Red Faber, H.B. Leonard, Jack Quinn, Allan Russell, Urban Shocker, and Allen Sothoron.

So, these guys could keep cheating, but nobody else could?

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